Monday, November 30, 2009

Alisha Goes Around Spark Sock Giveaway!

Whew! I hope everyone had an enjoyable and festive weekend! We spent the day Saturday trimming my Father-In-Law's tree for him and I kept thinking about this beautiful skein of sock yarn that Alisha Goes Around sent in for a giveaway.

This Spark Sock is truly amazing- the warmth of wool, the softness of silk and the sparkle of sterling silver!! I think it's simply gorgeous, but we're a little "partial to the sparkle" at casa Phatfiber.

I really love Alisha's website, I check back often and am always surprised with more color and bases each time I visit. Today, we're giving away this amazing holiday-red skein of Spark Sock (400 yds!). All you need do is sit down, pour your hot beverage of choice, visit Alisha Goes Around and find something that strikes your fancy. Post about it here, so we can all go see too and wait until Friday for me to draw a winner. Be sure and leave a way for me to find you- we don't want your winnings to end up in the great give-back in January! Oh, and if you tweet/plurk/facebook/blog/ravelate this you'll be given extra entries.

Thanks so much Alisha, for sharing this beautiful sock yarn with all of us!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fiberati and Posse Gift Guide!

Each of the shops below is a link to a special Posse and Fiberati holiday gift guide selection. Have fun browsing all of them! We're hoping your holiday weekend is a special one.

4 Stitch Me Knot
7 Yaks
A Sailor's Girl
Ambrosia And Bliss
Banana Migraine
Beesy Bee Fibers
Blue Mountain Handcrafts
Bohemian Knitter Chic
By Rebekah With Love
Carly Original
Colorful Life
Comfed Out Kaiser
Cool Climates
Counting Sheep Farm
Corgi Hill Farm
Cozy Cove
Crystal City Fibers
Dawning Dreams
Desert Garden
Designs By Tami
Desired Haven Farm
Danido Crafty
Extreme Spinning
FarmGirl Chic
Feeling Sheepish
Fiber Fancy
Fickle Knitter
Froggy Fibers
From Ewe to You
Greenwood Fiberworks
Hampton Artistic Yarns
In Stitches
Jags Funky Fibers
Kira K Designs
Knit it Up
Knitty and Color
Knit with KT

Are you a winner?

Winners! I need to clear out the cache of won prizes! Please use this link:

Search for your name and email with your address and the item you won.

All unclaimed prizes as of Dec 31st will be given away again!

Sorry for the lame post- I'm working on a large holiday post for you all, so stay tuned :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

This Week's Winners!

Wahooo! What a week!

Congrats everyone!

WoolieBullie Silk: Sue (giffordables) !!

Critter Ranch Waldorf salad roving: Kirsten !!

Two Sheep Yarn: Magan !!!

Farmgirlchic gift set: Turtle !!!

Have a great weekend! I'll be popping in later with an update :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farm Girl Chic Gift Set Giveaway!

Melissa of FarmGirlChic is putting together these incredible gift sets in time for the holidays! I love the vintage charm style she puts into creating these one of a kind wonders.

I was going to say this is the perfect gift for the knitter/spinners in your life, but I think I will amend that so say this is the gift you should get yourself! Imagine waking up Christmas morning after only a 2 hour nap (you've been up all night playing santa you know!) you wade through the sea of wrapping paper and say "look, there's one gift left for me!" The kids and significant others have gone off to play with their new toys and now there is this beautiful gift of fiber/knit time just for you! Thank you FarmGirlChic!

We're giving away this beautiful farm fresh gift set to a lucky commenter! Just visit FarmgirlChic and find something you like, write about it in the comments section below, and we'll be drawing for a name tomorrow! Remember to twitter, facebook, ravelate about this contest for extra entries!

Thank you Melissa for creating these lovely treasures!
Yarn and Fiber

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Sheep Fiber Shop and Giveaway

New to the Phat Fiber box this month is Two Sheep Shop, offering luxurious and affordable handspun yarns!

Two Sheep Shop hails from Canada, but US customers don't fret! You could purchase your yarn and have yourself a lovely completed project in time for the holidays, no problem! I enjoy that the shop is all handspun and it's divided into sections by weight. I'm eyeing some of that laceweight- enough to make a small shawl!

We're giving away some silk laceweight handspun! Just visit Two Sheep Fiber Shop, find something you like, and post about it in the comments section below- remember to retweet/update your facebook to get extra entries! Check back to see if you've won on Friday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Critter Ranch Waldorf Salad Giveaway!

I can't tell you how much I loove the Critter Ranch samples this month! So cute, so creative, so crafty! I am regretting now, not copying down the waldorf salad recipe! Maybe if I sweet-talk Sue, she'll email it to me :)

Speaking of Waldorf Salad, it used to be on a list of dishes I would not touch. In fact, my older sister and I had a set of rules we came up with as children visiting various family gatherings, parties and such. One of the rules I remember was any kind of salad that had a person's name in the title was inevitably icky and should not be eaten.

I recently purchased some of Sue's beautiful Llama roving and I think I may have even found an appropriate pattern to spin it for here. I'm super excited to be giving away this 2.2 oz llama fiber from The Critter Ranch! We'll be drawing later this week, so please visit The Critter Ranch, find something you like, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll grant extra entries for those who tweet/facebook/blog about her shop too!

Sue, thank you so much for working on these samples this month, they were truly awesome!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Woolie Bullie Silk Sliver Giveaway!

Wooliebullie sent in the most amazing silk fiber samples this month! The inspiration was the traditional holiday plum pudding with coins inside. I really can't wait for you all to get your boxes and be able to experience this yourself!

I really think this new plum pudding colorway is such a rich, beautiful, and versatile one- an all time cool weather favorite color for me!

The Wooliebullie shop is chock full of seasonal colors for you to browse- head on over there and tell us what your favorites are! We're giving away this luxurious silk sliver spinning fiber in the plum pudding colorway!! The Drawing will be held on Friday so follow these easy steps:
1. visit and find a listing you like
2. post a comment to this blogpost letting us know which listing
3. make sure you leave an identifying mark (rav id, email etc)
4. update your facebook status, twitter, or blog about wooliebullie's amazing shop for extra entries!
5. check back on Friday to see if you've won!

Of course, I hope you win, but if you don't- be sure and treat yourself to some wild and wonderful wooliebullie!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I apologize for flaking out yesterday and not putting up the winners! I was busy with all the box preparations and completely forgot!

Knit It Up tags- PenelopeRose

Counting sheep farm silk- Leah (leelee)

Comfed Out Kaiser scarf- Spinsandknits

Thank you all for commenting! Of course, more beautiful giveaways coming soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Comfed Out Kaiser Scarf Giveaway

There are a few samples that come in to HQ I am especially touched by and Dawn of Comfed Out Kaiser has sewn several sachets, cut from one of her grandmother's quilts this month.
I felt it was truly keeping with the Home for the Holidays theme!

When you visit Dawn's shop, the first thing you read is her wonderful introduction:
Comfed Out Kaiser is what I think of as my own perfect little corner of the world. Where everything that is usable gets reused. Where history has a value. Where organic doesn't just mean food. Where everything I do supports my community both local and online.

I love that her shop is not only a place to help support her role as a work at home Mom, but also an expression of her sociological values- a way to use her income to support others.

In this spirit, Dawn would like to give away this beautiful hand-knit wool scarf to a lucky commenter here on the blog. All you need do is tell us who you would give this lovely scarf to! Don't worry about tweeting or retweeting, just take a minute and think about who you would give this piece of handmade goodness to.

Read more about Dawn at her entertaining blog here:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Counting Sheep Farm Giveaway!

This month, Counting Sheep Farm has contributed some very lovely Alpaca, Cormo, and Silk fiber samples in natural colors. Rachel is in the process of combining both her My8kidsmom shop and Counting Sheep Farm to help you, the customer reduce shipping charges and for shopping ease.

Have you visited Rachel's farm website? Learn about the different types of sheep they raise, see photos of the animals (adorable!) and see an overview of what's available at both shops. It's really a pretty website!

Rachel is giving away this beautiful ounce of silk hankies! Just visit counting sheep farm, find something you like, and post about it below! Remember to leave a way for me to find you when you win and remember to twitter, facebook, and ravelate about Counting Sheep Farm for extra entries. These hankies will be given away on Saturday!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Knit it Up Tag giveaway!

I just ordered myself some knitting gift tags from Knit it Up Yarns. I wish I think I might have to go back for some kate's more humorous tags as I played it safe buying the elegant pretty kind.

We're giving away a set of her more blatent tags and here is what Kate has to say in the listing:

I'm a gift knitter. I just love the satisfaction of making something with my own two hands for someone I love. These gorgeous gift tags have a place for you to write in your name and the recipient's name, and when you flip them over you can write in the fiber content and care instructions for your gift.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the hard work you put into your handknitted pieces of art. Hopefully you're not knitting for those people, but just in case you think your recipient might need a bit of a reminder, these tags have a little note at the bottom that reads: "This project took hours of my precious time to make. You may now ooh and ahh and wear it every single day for the rest of your life." {Inspired by the lovely knitters in Ravelry's Selfish Knitter's Group}

Each set comes in a tin box for safekeeping.

I love it, having a few people on my list who are teetering on that not-so-knitworthy edge this year myself :)

Visit Knit it Up, find something you like, and post about that item in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a winner on Saturday! Tweets, facebooks, and blog posts get second entries!

Thank you always Kate for bringing some perspective to our knitted gifts this year!

Winemakerssister mug giveaway!

We have a winner!

Quiltingpansy please send in your address and mug preference to be forwarded on to Heather!!

More delicious giveaways coming up!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Winemakerssister Mug Giveaway!!!

is probably one of my absolute favorite shops on Etsy- so much to see!!

I write this post in a rush, and I feel awful about not having time to go on about how much I love Heather's shop. I hope she knows how awesome and talented I think she is :)

Winemakerssister is giving away your choice of a porcelain coffee mug with knitting quotes written in Heather's beautiful calligraphic handwriting. I have been using my apocalypse mug everyday since I purchased it!

Just visit Winemakerssister, find something you like, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a name on Monday, so be quick-like!
We'll count your extra facebook entries, twitter updates, rav posts and blog entries as second chances to win- just let us know you did it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

This Week's Winners!

Yay! Hooraay!! You've won:

Carly Original Pirate Yarn- Kristen (MN)

WCMercantile Grab Bag- Burnt Rain

Melissa's Kre8tions fingerless gloves- Knitting Dancer

Thank you all for commenting- we've got a great weekend giveaway coming up soon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Melissa's Kre8tions giveaway!

I know I will definitely be knitting some mittens and fingerless mitts this year. They seem to be something everyone needs, and appreciates- am I right?

Melissa's Kre8tions has sent in this beautiful pair of fingerless mitts hand knit from Melissa's handspun yarn for a giveaway. We would love for everyone to check out her shop- she's been hard at work creating pyramid project bags! I really love her choice in fabrics!

Please visit Melissa's Kre8tions, find something you like, and post it below for all to see! We'll be drawing a winner on Friday, so be sure and get those plurks and tweets in for extra chances to win- and be sure to leave an identifying mark so I can hunt you down when you win!

Melissa, thank you for your lovely contributions to October! Your spinning skills are incredible!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WC Mercantile Mystery bag giveaway!

While we are on the subject of gifts... wouldn't it be wonderful to get a gift certificate from WCMercantile this year?! Maybe Steph can make up something to print out and put on a fridge as a not-so-subtle hint to everyone *evil grin*. And wouldn't it be lovely, if you had a big enough one to get one of those yummy majacraft wheels?! A girl can dream, I guess!

For October, WCMercantile sent in mini mystery packs for you all to sample. I've already seen one of you use yours to felt some adorableness (hi Pauline!) and I thought that would be super fun to try, and what a great way to get you started on a felting adventure too- this wonderful mix of a wooly rainbow!

We're giving away this 3 oz bag of mystery roving to a lucky commenter! Just visit WCMercantile, find something you like ( I know- too hard to pick!) and write about it in the comments section below. We'll be counting your tweets, plurks, facebook updates, ravelry posts etc as second entries (you've got to let us know you did it!) Also, pretty pretty please, leave a way for me to contact you should Mr Random Integer Generator should pick you- we've got a growing pile of unclaimed winnings!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Carly Original *Giveaway*

It's November!! Can you believe it? If you're planning on a handmade holiday season, you're probably starting to freak out a little bit, like I am! I have so many folks on my list, I think it's nearing the time when I get ruthless and only the very deserving get hand knits!

Fiber artist, Carly Brown from Carly Original understands what I'm talking about! She's marked lots of yarns and fibers in her shop down by 50%!!! That means you can go snatch some up for gifts and for yourself ;)

We're giving away this beautiful "Pirate" handspun yarn (yes, the full sized version of her October samples!) today. Just visit Carly Original, find something you like, and write about it in the comments section below. As always, we'll count your tweets, plurks, facebook updates and Ravelry posts as extra entries! Just let us know you did it, ok?

Carly, you know I love your shop! *grin*

Critter Ranch Winners!

Thank you all so much for posting to the Critter Ranch giveaway post! You all are the BEST!





Please email phatfiber at yahoo dot com with your addresses!