Friday, October 24, 2008

Summer Star Creations

Summer Star Creations sent in several hand crafted stitch markers for the January Box! Summer's business started out at a LYS where the owners asked her to craft some stitch markers for their store last year. Summer is a really cool person too- she's tattooed and I can't help but wonder if the large ink wings on the back of her business card are hers! It seems the sky is the limit as to what she can come up with in regards to color and choice of stones! I especially love the natural stone stitch markers- I need to buy a box and make sure the green agate looking ones are in it!! I think these are the perfect jewels to adorn your next knitting journey, but don't take my word for it- here is one of the feedbacks Summer recently received in her Etsy Shop: "I love these stitch markers. They're beautiful and shiny, and just the right size. They don't catch the yarn, they slide easily across the needles, and they make me smile every time I come to one while I'm knitting with them. SummerStar Creations are Full of Win!"

Thank you Summer for adding a little bling to the box!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kalamazoo Knits

Kalamazoo Knits is a group of designers who specialize in clear, easy to execute knitting patterns. They offer a range of unique patterns for every skill level. Several lucky people will have Diane Kostecki's fingerless mitts pattern in their box! Wondering what to do with all of the sample yarn in your box? Problem solved with these cute mitts. I can just picture myself wearing these with matching socks, looking out my window over fresh fallen snow, sipping my morning tea and planning the day ahead. These look like a quick knit too- something to churn out as gifts perhaps!

I have my eye on the little knit ornament patterns! I'd love to have a "knit" themed Christmas tree! Kalamazoo knits has me all excited about knitting dozens of tiny socks to hang as decorations. What a way to stash bust! Am I really talking about Christmas? It's not even Halloween.
You all may know I have a Great Pyrenees, Phoebe. The one drawback (well, maybe one of several!) to having a Pyr is, being so fluffy, she would look silly in a knitted sweater. How cute is that dog sweater pattern?!! It is knitted flat and sewn up the center-which makes me think this may be another good pattern to churn out- maybe for a little dog rescue organization. Thanks Kalamazoo Knits for giving us a chance to try your fun patterns!


Monday, October 20, 2008

From Ewe To You

What a delight it was to open the box full of From Ewe to You samples! Several LUCKY people will be getting generously sized beautiful, hand spun and dyed 100% wool mini hanks! It was all I could do to NOT rub them against my cheek. I promise I didn't, okay... I confess. There is a very pretty lilac and gray hank I just HAD to hug. I would love to take a minute and share a little I've learned about Bumble, the one woman dynamo from Ewe to You. Bumble has been a fiber artist for over 30 years! Her experience shines through her work, whether it be spinning fibers, hand spun yarn or finished crafted items like hats and scarves. When you visit the shop, please read over her amazing profile, her products are literally from Ewe to You! When I think about how many hours have gone into the finished pieces, I am truly inspired. Folks, Bumble is blind! When you get these samples in your boxes, you will not only be able to feel the softness of the wool, you'll feel all of the love Bumble has put into it. Her yarn is destined to warm hands, necks and heads, and because she donates 10% of her profits to Heifer international- it will warm your heart too!
*Coupon Alert*
Mention Phat Fiber in your next purchase at From Ewe To You
and receive $3.00 off !!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why get a Box?

Every time I go shopping, I have to feel, rub, and touch the items I want to purchase. Well, not everything- I guess I do just throw a can of tomato soup in my shopping cart. But, when it comes to anything that excites me- experiencing the feel, drape and texture of the item is very important. I suspect I'm not the only one. There are so many absolutely exquisite yarns and fibers available on the internet, the problem is bridging the gap between seeing beautiful photos and descriptions, and being able to actually experience the fiber in person. Local yarn shops are definitely a great solution, but not every yarn can be in every shop and my goal is to showcase more of the special 'indie' fiber artists on the web. Spending less time searching for new yarns online (although so much fun) will give you more time to spend working with the fiber you have! With rising gas prices, and a weak dollar- feeding the fiber habit the smart way means "trying before you buy" and the Phat Fiber box can help you do that!

Earning Free Ad Space

The more you contribute to Phat Fiber, the more opportunities you will have to earn free ad space on our sidebar and website!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Announcing January's Theme!

January's theme for the Phat Fiber Box will be "Wintery Mix". We got several suggestions from our contributors that themes would be beneficial to the customer as many of the samples may be used together and the artists could do custom work exclusively for that box! Each Month will have different themes, collectively decided upon by the artists!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Promos and Samples


Just another clarification. There is a difference between promos and samples. An example of promos would be cards with photos of your product and a coupon code for 10% off. A sample would be an actual sample size product. Promos will not be eligible for the free box, but you may send in as many promos as you would like and they will be distributed in a coupon pack in the actual box.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Details

I hope to answer a few more questions that were asked earlier.

Price: The box will be between $20-$40 but not over $40. The cost of the box goes towards packaging, shipping, advertising, graphics, labor and listing fees. There will be at least 20 samples in each box so that the customer is guaranteed a brimming sampler experience. Of course the more artists contributing, the more samples will be in each box.

Marketing: The goal of Phat Fiber is to act as a bridge from independent fiber artists directly to the consumer (fiber enthusiasts, knitters, spinners etc). We won't necessarily be marketing to local yarn shops as many of our contributors would like direct retail business. For the customer, this is like receiving a yarn shop in the mail. You will have fiber to touch and experience and that will help you make plans to purchase directly from the artist or crafts persons.

Phat Fiber will not be buying samples of your work. It is a goal, however to do monthly commissions where we do eventually purchase a full sized item (think custom dyed skeins) in bulk from regular contributors to showcase and add that "wow" factor to the box. We won't be able to do this for the debut box.

Please feel free to raise any more questions regarding Phat Fiber!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Contribute to Phat Fiber box!

Do you sell your own handspun or hand painted yarns? Perhaps you are a shepherdess with fleece for sale or a jeweler who makes stitch markers. Advertise your wares directly to fiber enthusiasts!

Some examples of samples would be:

mini hanks (enough to knit a 4x4 swatch?)
knitted swatches

small amounts of roving

small stitch markers

business cards with coupon codes
printed technique tutorials

herbal teas

raw fiber

hand salve


small earrings

handmade stationary (fiber related)

printed original patterns

hand sewn eyeglasses case

small project bags
small shawl pins

If your product would be enjoyed by fiber/knitting enthusiasts you may want to participate.

How it works:
You send in your samples to the Phat Fiber box (20 sample minimum), they are grouped with other independentfiber artists and designers and sent to customers/bloggers/editors who will love your fresh, new, handmade creations.
The more samples you send in, the more advertising you will receive!
Those of you who send in 45 or more samples will receive a free box of your own!

Samples will be photographed and blogged about here and by other popular fiber related blogs/forums and several boxes will be sent to various (paper print) fiber publications.
We have a forum on Raverly if you would like to join there.
International participants welcomed.

Of course, the best advertising is by word of mouth- and you can be sure the customers who receive Phat Fiber will be overjoyed to talk about what was in their box that month!
Email for more information about participating. Please have photos- online or otherwise of your work.

Waiting List

Phat Fiber will be debuting in January of 2009. There will be a limited amount of boxes available. To be sure you will know exactly when the box will be on sale, write to and use the words 'waiting list' in the subject line. The email used to write will be the one added to the list unless otherwise specified.

What is Phat Fiber?

Phat Fiber is a collection of samples that have anything to do with fiber arts: knitting, crochet, needle felting, weaving, spinning, dyeing etc that have been assembled in one box for your perusal each month.

Some samples that will be expected are: roving, handspun, indie dyed yarn, teas, natural soap, patterns, stitch markers, and of course discount coupons!

Fiber Samples!

Get a yarn store in a box, delivered to your doorstep once a month!!

Details coming soon!