Friday, October 30, 2009

The Critter Ranch Needs us!! Giveaway!

Calling all phatties! We've got a phriend in a time of need. Sue from The Critter Ranch emailed me earlier in the week with some very sad news. One of her most beloved Llamas- Cover Girl lost her battle with a mysterious infection. This is an issue I've been seeing with several of the alpaca/llama ranchers I speak with regularly. Losing a productive animal is hard on the bottom line, but even harder on the heart.

Sue and other artist/farmers can expect to pay certain vet bills with the care of any fiber animal, even budget for emergency care in cases of illness or injury, but when situations arise where you need to go the extra mile for a beautiful animal and our economic situation being as it is, there are times when having a 'critter ranch' can be extremely stressfull and worriesome.

The following is Sue's account of the events that has taken place recently:

O.k. here goes back the end of August we where doing a general Herd health check up Cover Girl was two weeks post delivery of her baby boy (Merlin)… She seemed thin… The vet did a complete work up Blood tests, took samples of poop for testing. Test came back that she had some concerns so we treated her, blood tests said she had some sort of infection so we treated with antibiotics. And retested after three weeks…. Blood was same still showed infection & the other issues where worse!!! We then treated very aggressively giving her and her Baby extremely high doses of medicines…Treatment took a week to complete. Three days after we completed the treatment I took more samples. The Vet said first glance we might have this thing licked….But she had become so week & had continued to loose weight to spite my giving her all the grain & hay she could want. We added a Supplement called Jump Start on Friday morning three times a day My Husband & I hand fed her…even gave her water by hand… But She continued to get weaker … the Vets where called in an emergency on Saturday because she would no longer get up, but would roll onto one side to nurse her baby…This concerned me because she was giving him all she had…. Sunday she couldn’t stay upright would fall over flat on the floor, so we Propped her up with Bails of hay one on each side so she could stay upright……She would only eat her grain now. So we continued with the hand feeding in hopes that the Protein & energy booster would build her up…After 5 days of hand feeding standing her massaging her legs and seeing to her day & Night…Monday she seemed brighter even the Vet came by and said so… I became very hopeful for a complete recovery…But My Hopes where dashed when I came in The Barn Tuesday Morning (5am) to find her slummed over and in what seemed to be considerable pain… I called the Vet to come and do what I thought was the most humane thing…But before the vet could get here, She Passed in my arms with one last low llama Hum like she greeted me with each day. I became a wet puddle I was so devastated by this loss I couldn’t even speak to anyone. This was the first Llama I had to say good bye to. We had our first Llama Funeral which I couldn’t even attend. She was the Best llama I ever met she loved people, could be handled by my two year old Grandson & was never cross loved drinking from the hose played in the sprinkler…would talk to people, Llama talk but it seemed like she would carry on a conversation with you… I miss her.. Then The Bill Came now don’t get me wrong this llama was worth every penny of it & then some just in what she meant to me!!! But the Bill is here and now I have to raise the funds …With sales & Jobs to pay over $1000.00 Vet bill..

Sue would like to offer these batts for a giveaway. We'll be doing the giveaway all weekend so you can help us bring attention to Sue's situation and supporting small farms/ranches in general. It's so good to know that fiber you purchase from a small farmer like Sue was produced from a beloved and nurtured animal. Please visit Sue's shop, comment about something you like here, and a giveaway winner will be drawn on Monday. There will be 2 separate winners with 2 (2oz) batts each! One is a beautiful bright rainbow colorway and the other a rich, deep fall colorway.

Sue, our thoughts are with your farm this weekend!

This week's winners!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This week's winners are:

Designs by Tami Witch Needles: cdoran !!!

Dawning Dreams Drop Spindle: Mount Gigantic !!

Fiber Fancy Beaded Mask fiber: Wenchamok !!!

Please email me your addresses: phatfiber at yahoo dot com

I have a very special giveaway coming up for the weekend, so please visit back!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fiber Fancy Giveaway!!

There has been some talk on our Ravelry group about Diana's wonderful sample this October- her punta top with embellishments called "Beaded Mask" was a big hit!

There is just so much to love in the Fiber Fancy shop! I think one of the best things about Diana's shop, is she updates frequently so I'm always waiting to see what she comes up with next!

Have a little fun with us today and visit Fiber Fancy. We're giving away this beautiful "beaded mask" fiber to a lucky commenter! Just find something you love, write about it below and we'll draw a winner on Friday! Make sure you use your social networking skills and get extra entries by posting about how amazing Fiber Fancy is all over the internet :) Let us know you did, and we'll count your entry twice!

Diana, I love love love your shop and the creative samples you come up with every month!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dawning Dreams and Giveaway!

I loved The Dawning Dreams fiber sample for October- a deep rich array of mill ends and mohair- beautiful!

There is much more to love in Dawn's shop- bamboo fiber, fluffy batts, beautiful braids and gorgeous stone whorl drop spindles. All without mentioning her incredible shawl pins and metal works! I greatly admire Dawn's eye for simple beauty.

Dawn has so generously offered up this gorgeous stone whorl drop spindle for a giveaway! One lucky commenter will be chosen on Friday! Just visit Dawning Dreams, find something you like and post about it in the comments section below. Be sure and twitter, facebook, ravelate or plurk your likes as it will net you extra entries- just let us know you did it!

Dawn, please keep creating these beauties for us to enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Designs by Tami *giveaway*

It's Monday and we all could use a little fun today, right?! Designs by Tami sent in the most adorable witchy knitting needles for a giveaway! Aren't these just the cutest things?

Tami's shop has just that little bit of extra flare everyone needs. Have a swap to buy for? Need a small but beautiful gift? You can find it at Designs by Tami where there are pages of handcrafted cuteness for you to browse!

Visit Designs By Tami, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a winner on Friday, so be sure to use your social networks (twitter, facebook) to get yourself some extra entries! Just let us know you did it.

Tami, your samples always bring a big smile to my face! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

Holiday Club Winner!

It's Monday!!!

Time for our Twiggi Knits club giveaway winner:

Zemastani come on down! Email me your address to phatfiber at yahoo dot com

More wonderful giveaways coming up!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Twiggi Knits Club Giveaway!

Sandi from Twiggi Knits has a very neat club concept where packages are condensed in one month (sending out every week) rather than once monthly. We had a Halloween club giveaway several weeks ago and she's doing it again with the holidays!

Here is what Sandi has written about her club packages:
What you get:

1) Yarn or Fiber (or a combo of both, include your preference in "message to seller") in Holiday related colors
2) Holiday themed gift
3) Knitting accessory or Pattern
4) Holiday related treat (I'll try at least!!)

Shipping will be as follows"

Week #1 - November 27th
Week #2 - December 4th
Week #3 - December 11th
Week #4 - December 18th

Special pricing for purchasing all 4 weeks!! Convo me and I will bill you.

I will ship to other countries, please convo me with your addrss for shipping costs....

Doesn't it sound great? I love that she has featured a different holiday each week. Which one would you pick?

We're giving away your choice of a week's package from Twiggi Knits. Just visit the shop, find something you like, and write it in the comments section below. It's just this weekend only! We'll be drawing a name on Monday so be quick! Remember to get extra entries by using your social networking skills and letting everyone know about the giveaway!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Winners this week!!

YAY!!! Congrats!!!

Cara- you won the Feeling Sheepish Mulberry silk!

Tinkertots- You won the Alisha Goes Around Sock Yarn!!

Berry Gal- You won the Desired Haven batt!!

Please email me phatfiber at yahoo dot com with your addresses!

I've got loads more giveaways coming up- including a special club package this weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Desired Haven Farm Giveaway!

Yesterday, I loaded a few new handspun yarns created by Misty of Desired Haven Farm into the Phat Shop. My hope is you get a chance to see Misty's work in a new light.

The Desired Haven Farm samples in October's Phat Fiber Box was (in the immortal words of Marcus ) "HONKIN"! And sparkly and just beautiful! Deep, dark black and loads of metallic sparklies :)

We're giving away a big beautiful batt just like the one in the October video (only bigger!) this week! Just visit Desired Haven Farm, find something you like, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll reward your extra social networking (facebook, twitter, plurk, ravelry, blog) pings with extra entries! Just let us know you did it!!

Misty, thanks for giving us a real treat this month!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alisha Goes Around and *Giveaway*

New to the Phat Fiber phamily this month, is Alisha Goes Around! Many of you will see her "Oh Donna" fiber in your boxes! I love this color and I love Alisha's explanation of it on her website even more:

Our Phat Fiber colorway this month is called, "Oh, Donna!" To explain the inspiration for this colorway, let me harken back to the mid-90s when the first incarnation of Beverly Hills, 90210 was on the air. You with me? Well, Tori Spelling played a character named Donna Martin, and I swear that she was the whipping girl for the writers. The show was produced by Tori's father, and even though Tori says she auditioned under another name, it is unlikely that the casting director was so clueless as to not know who she was.

So Donna Martin was played by the boss' daughter, and the writers took everything out on her. Need someone to get drunk at prom? Donna. Need someone to find out her mother is having an affair? Donna. Need a cousin-turned-sister? Donna. Not to say that the other girls got off drama-free, cause they didn't, but Donna was routinely the writers' bad luck girl.

Now that we've got background established, here's the what: Donna always wore the stupidest things, including a hoop skirted dress that was so big she couldn't sit down, and for a very special Halloween episode, she went as a mermaid. Mermaids are cool, for sure, but binding your ankles together and adding a fin doesn't make for easy mobility. Donna spent the entire time sitting or tilting, with a bit of hopping thrown in for good measure. Not a good choice for a dance, and not how a mermaid should be done. Poor Donna. I bet she had some moves.

Our colorway this month, "Oh, Donna!" is how a mermaid should be. We've dyed a blend of blue-grey splashed with teal, sapphire, emerald, and turquoise. Think of a mermaid swimming through the shallows of the ocean, her scales and fins flashing and shimmering in the light, the bursts of color made even more impressive by the cool, neutral water she pierces. That's where we're going with this.

Oh, Donna! is available in every fiber and yarn we carry. We will dye as much of this colorway as we need to, with an order cut off of November 15th, 2009, when this colorway will be replaced with another offering.

We're givng away some of Alisha's "Stout Sock" which is a lovely merino/nylon base (400 yds) here on the blog- to enter, just visit Alisha Goes Around and find something you like. Write about it in the comments section below and we'll draw for a winner on Friday. Extra entries for those of you who tweet, plurk, facebook and ravelate this too!

Alisha, I love love your samples for the October box! I can't wait to see what you come up with next time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeling Sheepish and *giveaway*

The October Boxes are winging their way to their owners and inside several there are some lovely milk samples from Feeling Sheepish!

Laura is on a mission- to procure a drum carder! I love spinning batts, so I want to help enable myself- errr, I mean Laura in this new adventure! She's having a wonderful 20% off sale! Just mention her quest for a drum carder in the notes to seller.

Laura's fiber are so yummy! Beautiful mulberry silk, soft milk fiber and pretty wools. I really like all of the darker neutrals she offers!

We're giving away a 2 oz braid of beautiful luminescent mulberry silk spinning fiber! Just visit Feeling Sheepish, find something you like, and write about it in the comments section below. If you go the extra mile and twitter, ravelate, blog, or facebook about Laura's shop, we'll count that as a second entry- just let me know you did it! You have until Friday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The October Video Sneak Preview!

Winners this week!

Has it already turned to winter where you are too? Drizzly, rainy, cold- where's autumn?


Here are the lovely winners this week:

Into the Whirled Batt: CptSnoopy !!!

Fiber Fancy Batt: Kim (Kim's Corner) !!!

Blue Mountain Handcrafts bag- Anna B. (Blumzie) !!!

Some of you will be excited to know that the October video will be posted *very* soon!

Thank you all for commenting this week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blue Moutain Handcrafts and *giveaway*

When I visit Blue Mountain Handcrafts, I really feel like I'm stepping into a bright, colorful, happy place- almost like I'm on a fantasy fiber vacation!

stocks everything I love: beautiful handspun, colorful and interesting spinning fiber and perfectly constructed fabric bags! I love that Beth offers a spinning service! For those of you who may love a batt but don't spin!

Today we're giving away a beautiful "caddy sax" !! This bag will hold everything you need to take with you- and give you plenty of pockets for extra notions etc. Just visit Blue Mountain Handcrafts, find something you like, and post about it in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a winner tomorrow! Please be sure and take a look now! We'll count your tweets and facebook updates as extra entreis- just let us know you did it!

Beth, I am amazed at your work! Thank you for sharing with us!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shearlock's Choice Award- Fiber Fancy! And Giveaway!

Out of the September box, Shearlock chose to go investigate Diana, of Fiber Fancy. Her samples were beautiful, generous, soft, and had a neat legend attatched, which was befitting out theme.

Rather than narrate Shearlock's trip to NY, Diana took several pictures and has shared them with us. First was Shearlock at a fiber festival where he helped in both the Fiber Fancy and The Critter Ranch booths. Next, Shearlock was found investigating Diana's 30 lb fiber shipment!
After he watched over Diana's spinning, he took a little time for some 'r & r' and went sightseeing and of course, had to inspect the Llamas- who were a little standoffish, probably because they aren't used to Shearlock's "alternative" woolstyle.

Shearlock would like to thank Diana of Fiber Fancy, for being such a gracious host! He's back home now gearing up for another trip!

We're giving away a beautiful 2 oz Fiber Fancy "Maid of the Mist" batt to a lucky commenter! Just visit Fiber Fancy, find something you like, and write about it in the comments section below. We're drawing for a winner on Friday, so be sure and take time to visit!
Remember, we will be counting your extra social networking as additional entries- just let us know you did it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Into the Whirled Batt Giveaway!

Wow! What can I say about Into the Whirled's gorgeous goodies that isn't already expressed in the equally gorgeous photography displayed in shop!

Christine's batts are something everyone needs to experience. They are, in a word, perfect. Each batt is completely smooth, the color changes are bold and yet effortless at the same time. I am deeply in love with these batts! I had the wonderful opportunity to spin a "Minotaur" batt last month and I was almost as thrilled with puzzling out how to spin the colors, with the fluffiness and squeezability of the batt!

We're giving away a wonderful 4.5 oz Minotaur batt to a lucky commenter! Just visit Into the Whirled, find something you like, and write about it below. We'll be drawing on Friday so sit back, relax and enjoy clicking through each of Christine's beautiful listings!
For those of you who tweet, plurk, facebook and blog, we'll give you an extra entry for telling folks about Christine's beautiful shop- just let us know you did it :)

Thank you so much, Christine for sharing your beauty with us!

Giveaway winner!

Twins2005 !!!

Send me your address and I will mail your drop spindle kit out asap!

Stay tuned for some seriously beautiful giveways!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Silver Sun Alpacas- Giveaway!

Do you spin yet? Maybe you'd like to try, but don't want to invest much money in case you don't enjoy it. I'm happy to be telling you all about Silver Sun Alpacas drop spindle kits! I know many of you are searching for gifts this time of year, and I think the gift of a practical skill like spinning would be a great one!

In each of Ricky's kits comes several ounces of fiber, a hand crafted wooden drop spindle and clear printed instructions on how to create your own yarn. It all comes wrapped in a lovely organza bag.

This weekend we are giving away this beautiful learn to spin drop spindle kit! Just visit Silver Sun Alpacas, find something you like, and write about it in the comments section below. Be sure and get extra entries to the giveaway by using facebook, twitter, ravelry and your blog to let other folks know about Silver Sun Alpacas! We'll be drawing for a winner on Monday, so be sure and spend a little time shopping this weekend!

Ricky, thank you so much for your beautiful October samples- they are truly magnificent and I can't wait for everyone to get them!


Our two winners this week are:

Wilde Thyme roving balls- Bingers !!

Calizona Designs sock yarn- Millarca !!!!

Thank you all so much for commenting! We have a special giveaway this weekend, stay tuned!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spindies Fiber Cooperative

You can now shop several phat shops all in one place at the Spindies Art Fiber Congo!

They have pooled their fiber and you can now get your 'artist paint box' where each box is a focus on color. September's paint box was green and many of you received samples of what the paint box looks like- several interpretations of green by different artists.

There are also several club options if you would like to try everyone out! I would certainly enjoy an art batt club like the one they offer!

The shops have different listings than their normal etsy/artfire counterparts, so be sure to check back often!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Calizona Designs Giveaway!

Our lovely Classic is hard at work preparing for several upcoming art and craft shows! Her shop is not at full stock at the moment, so we're going to be doing something a little different with this blog post (stay tuned!)

Classic can do anything. I'm sure of it! We've all seen her gorgeous hand dyed fiber, yarn, hand painted knitting needles, beaded stitch markers and hand blended teas in the box! She's a crafty maven who can create anything from lip gloss to art yarn (and she does!)

Please take a look at Calizona Designs, browse through her sold items and what is currently listed and come up with a new product suggestion! Got a new colorway idea? Let us know!

As a reward for your input, we're giving away this gorgeous skein of merino sock yarn called "Fallen Leaves". It's even prettier in person, and captures the time of year perfectly!

Classic, Phat Fiber loves you! We can't wait to see the new revamped shop!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Help a Phattie Save the World! September Samples Super Box!

Brittany of The Knit Witch
has started a campaign on her website to help this wonderful organization! You can read her first post about her campaign here:

I was immediately inspired to take action about this and by helping Brittany we are going to feature Charity: Water as this month's sooperbox giveaway organization!

We will be giving away the contents of the September video as a way of saying thank you for donating to Charity: Water!
For every $5 you donate to Charity: Water, your name (number) will be thrown into a bucket for a random giveaway drawing at the end of October.
Step 1: Visit the Charity: Water (psst they take PAYPAL!!) and donate to this A rated non-profit organization.
Step 2: Forward the email receipt you get from Charity: Water to
Step 3: Keep the number(s) you will be assigned after your forwarded receipt is processed. ( I have a committee helping me with this and it should be within a couple of days of sending)
Step 4: Look for a special video number drawing at the end of the month to see if you're the lucky giveaway recipient!
Step 5: Pat yourself on the back for helping a great cause!

Please remember to shop our Phatties that contributed to the September: Legends Folklore and Fairytales Box! They are what made this possible!

**** As a special incentive we are giving away a full sized skein of The Knit Witch Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in her gorgeous deep, rich, "City of Roses" colorway!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sooper Box winner!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wilde Thyme Giveaway!

Wilde Thyme is brimming with loads of new fibery goodness! Beautiful dollops of handspun, gorgeous hand thrown yarn bowls and newly added roving bulbs!!

I am in love with the roving balls! I mean, we wind our yarn, why wouldn't we wind our roving! The packaging is also so incredibly cute, it would make a perfect little gift for a fiber friend. Take a peek at that wheelbarrow full of them! Laura, you have been busy, busy!

We're giving a special commenter two of Laura's roving balls! Just visit Wilde Thyme, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below this post. We'll also grant extra entries for those of you who twitter, facebook, plurk, ravelate or blog about Laura's wonderful shop- just let us know you did it!

Laura, thank you so much for creating these hand dyed yummies! You're pretty awesome!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Giveaway Winners this week!


WCMercantile Wensleydale- Turtle !!

Wonderland Fiber- Max H. !!

Cool Climates coasters- KT !!

Critter Ranch Dragon Batt- Raymie !!!

I hope you all are having a lovely fall weekend! Thank you for commenting this week- look for more exciting giveaways soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Critter Ranch Giveaway!

I am supposed to be cleaning my house right now. But I can't wait to show you all this lovely giveaway from The Critter Ranch!

Sue's interpretation of our September theme was inspired by dragons. She presented us with two different versions of these yummy llama batts- one was a dragon tale and the other dragon's fire. Both of them were lovely, but I particularly loved the dragon tale colorway. I haven't yet seen this spun up on the forum, but I am eagerly anticipating it!

I love Sue's shop! It seriously looks like I could fall into it and roll around! Sue is away until tomorrow so let's suprise her with all of our comments on what we like about her shop!

I'll go first: My favorite in her shop right now is the great pumpkin! It looks so plum and soft I want a giant bin full of this!

Now it's your turn! Visit The Critter Ranch, find something you like, and post about it in the comments section below. I will draw for a winner this weekend so hop to it! Be sure and use twitter, ravelry, facebook or any other social media networking site to let folks know about The Critter Ranch! We'll count those pings as extra entries for the prize- oh! The prize! It is a full 2 oz batt of the beautiful Dragon Tale sample from September!! Yay!!

Sue, thank you so much for sharing your huggable fiber with us!!