Thursday, December 29, 2011

Llady Llama Fiber Arts Shawl Pin Giveaway!

Last night I had a dream about Llady Llama Fiber! I can't tell you what it was about though- some mistake I made or something! Anyway, I woke up this morning and knew I needed to blog about Kelli's shop!

And as for the Llady Llama Fiber Co shop, I can spend all day there drooling over the fiber deliciousness! Especially the Green Scarab Beetle fiber- wow!! That was an awesome awesome sample, and here it is full size! Someone needs to make a giant project out of this!

If you would like a chance to win this beautiful wooden shawl pin, please visit Llady Llama Fiber Co. today, find something you'd like to own yourself, and write about it in the comments section below. We count social networking pings and tweets as extra entries, so please help us spread the word!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spotted Circus Grinchy Fiber Giveaway!

I am working on taking all of my Christmas decor down today. Normally, I wait until after New Year's but I've got a big project going on that I'm excited about. BUT before you put all of your holiday stuffs away, check out this "Grinchy Green" fiber from Spotted Circus! I seriously love this base! Yummy Alpaca/bfl/milk and firestar! She's even included some delicious, red, Banana silk "heartstrings' in there for you!

I know some of you got some mad money this holiday! Why not treat yourself to a SAL or club from a a phattie? I have never seen Game of Thrones, but it feels like I have listening to my sister talk about it. I'm sure I'll come around and watch it, but someone telling you over and over you should watch a thing, makes you kind of not want to. Anyway, looks like Spotted Circus has 3, 6 and 12 month options available too! A gift that will keep on giving!

Visit Spotted Circus today, find something you love, and write it here in the comments section. Please use your social networking pings and gain extra entries by the time we draw for a winner (later this week).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Light Brown Hare Yarn Giveaway!

 I am finding it difficult to try to find the words to express how special I think this Light Brown Hare giveaway is. Firstly, it's sock yarn, and everyone needs it. Secondly, it's really really good yarn- LOVE, love this jackrabbit base. Thirdly, it's 6 freaking ounces!! SIX! Fourthly, look at the color- wow! Just. Wow. It's called Crispin's Day and I really really love it!

Ok, I may have used up my exclamation point quota for this blogpost, so I'll try to calm down and tell you about all the other awesomeness that awaits you in the Light Brown Hare shop. Four pages of immersion dyed yarny gorgeousness, that's what! (oops).

Please visit Light Brown Hare today, find something you love, and come back and write about it below. We'll be drawing for a winner later in the week, so be sure and use facebook, twitter, plurk, pinterest or another social network of your choosing to gain extra entries!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Winners!


Please pm me via ravelry (phatfiberlady) or yahoo mail (phatfiber) with your address, and I'll get these right out!

Susanjd- You won the Wandering Wool Yarn!!

Chels- You won the Faultless Pajama foundry Stitch Markers!!

Hitchikergal187- You won the Bitsy Knits batt!!

More giveaways coming soon!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bitsy Knits Carded Batt Giveaway!

Bitsy has a new carder! I think it must be a special magical carder to create batts as soft as these!! This one is called "Fall in Sonoma". It has SW Merino, Seacell, Corriedale and viscose in it. Delicious!

I knit Bitsy's "Jenna" Shawl for my Mother last year for Christmas. It was my first beaded lace project and Bitsy's pattern was perfect for dipping my toes in. I actually really loved it! The lace pattern was easily memorized too. I used Bitsy's lace yarn, and it was all around a lovely project and one of My Mom's favorite shawls.

We're giving away this beautiful batt! Please visit Bitsy Knits today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll draw for a winner very soon, so hurry and get those social networking tweets, updates, plurks etc! We'll count them as extra entries!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Faultless Pajama Foundry Stitch Marker Set Giveaway!

We have a relatively new phattie to feature on the blog today! Faultless Pajama Foundry! They specialize in colorful stitch markers and beaded jewelry- pages and pages of beautiful eye candy!

I particularly love the real stone stitch markers they have recently listed! I'd wear them around my neck! :D

Please visit Faultless Pajama Foundry today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll draw for a winner later in the week!
Social networking pings will get you extra entries!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wandering Wool Yarn giveaway!

I think Wandering Wool has some of the most gorgeous yarn I've seen in a while! I love the color selection and every base that I have seen come in to the sampler, has just been outstanding. Take this Udaipur base, it's a lovely 50/50 merino/silk base that is so slinky and soft!!

Check out Joelle's shop- she's specialized in solid/semi solid beauties that will take your breath away! I have to admit, I have a yarn crush on the Seven Seas colorway! So many gorgeous things to choose from, It might be easier to just buy the club :)

Please visit Wandering Wool today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a winner later this week, so please use your social networking skills (facebook, twitter, plurk, pinterest etc) and gain extra entries by helping spread the good word.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Last week's winners!! Please pm me via rav (phatfiberlady) or phatfiber on yahoo mail.


Jessica Jo- you won the North Star Alpacas fiber!!

Karen (purple p)- You won the Wild Hare fiber!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wild Hare Plum Pretty Superwash Merino giveaway!

I have for you, another gorgeous shop, I think you should consider ordering from right now. It's close to Christmas, and if you're looking for a last minute gift, I can vouch for both the quality of WildHare's products and the timeliness of her turnaround.

So many pretties to see and explore in the WildHare Fiber Studio! I'm really crushing on the various needle felting kits and sparkly yarn. I was recently gifted some of Melissa's faux cashmere (yummy!), and all I want to do is rub it on my cheek!

Please visit WildHare Fiber studio today, find something you love, and write about it below. Those who participate will be entered to win this beautiful superwash merino in "plum pretty" (4 oz).  Gain extra entries by facebooking/tweeting/plurking etc!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

North Star Alpacas Alpaca/Angora Giveaway!

I hope you've all had time to peruse the Holiday Tour! Maple of Northstar Alpacas contributed a delicious Hot Cocoa recipe. There's nothing like warm cocoa on a cold winter's day, and nothing like Maple's Alpaca and Angora roving!! It's soft, with a serious capital S!

 I'm telling you, Northstar Alpacas is the place to shop this close to the holidays! Maple has finished objects, including Alpaca Socks! She's got gorgeous, fresh from the mill yarn and beautiful fiber combinations like this amazing alpaca/angora!

To enter to win this giveaway, please visit NorthStar Alpacas today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll count your social networking pings as extra entries! Please help get the word out about this great shop!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Studio Tour

Several of our beautiful phatties have taken time out of their hurried holiday schedule to create some lovely free listings for you to peruse. Many are traditional holiday recipes they are sharing with you as a special gift this season for visiting their studios. Please, grab a warm mug and have fun clicking through these listings. Reading about these special creations, really warms the heart! We thank you so very much for your support this season!

7Yaks Design
    Cranberry Pecan Shortbread Cookies


Colorbug Yarns
     Fudge Pie

     Vegan Muffins 

Counting Sheep Farm
     Rachel's Sweet Potatoes 

Dawning Dreams
     Mulled Cranberry Wassail

Desired Haven Farm
     Baked Vegetables

Exchanging Fire
     Artichoke Bake

Fiber Spectacle
     Green Bean Bundles

Friends in Fiber
     Easy Apple Butter

Heavenly Fiber
     Spritz Cookies

     Pineapple Sheet Cake

NorthStar Alpacas
     Hot Cocoa Mix

Out of Step Dyeworks
     Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub

     Butternut Squash, barley and Kale Stew

Radioactive Rabbit
     Pumpkin Bread

Real Life Knits 
     Corn Chowder

Sericin Silkworks
     Matcha Muffins 

Sheepy Kitty
     Chocolate Turtles

Shine of The Delicion
     Salted Dark Chocolate Covered Wafers

     Gingerbread Cookies

The Critter Ranch
     Holiday Waldorf Salad

The Knittery at Herman Hills Farm
     The Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Lazy Lamb Yarn Shoppe

Tomorrow Farm
     Christmas Cheese Ball
Wandering Wool
    Moroccan Vegetable Stew

     Fig Tartlets with Port and Chevre

For discussion about these recipes please visit the Rav group thread started here:


My favorite post of the week!
Congratulations, winners! Please message me either on yahoo mail (phatfiber) or Ravelry (phatfiberlady) with your addresses and I will get these out asap!

Rin Miller- You won the Chinchillas1957 fiber!

Janel R.- You won the Spotted Circus Fiber!

Skaro964- You won the Friends in Fiber Yarn!

Josiah- You won the CrochetByKA fiber!

Thanks for the comments everyone! More giveaways coming soon!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crochet By KA wine fiber giveaway!

This was one of my favorite samples this last month! I just loved the mulled wine and champagne samples that CrochetbyKA sent in! This is a dual batt set giveaway!

Please do yourself a favor today, and check CrochetbyKA out! Her batts are blingy yet sophisticate! They make me wish I had a personal crochetbyka batt display. All I want for Christmas is a wall of fiber to look at, I've been good this year, promise!

Please visit CrochetbyKA today and find something you love. Come back on over here and write it down in the comment section. Those of you who twitter/facebook/plurk etc about it will get extra entries! Just let us know where you did it :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Friends in Fiber Llama in the vineyard handspun giveaway!

Check out this gorgeous handspun by Peg, one of the lovely ladies of Friends in Fiber. It's a gorgeous tri colored 3 ply llama handspun- amazing!! It's 146 yards of worsted weight lovely for you to play with! Included in this giveaway, is the sample that Friends in Fiber sent in for November- yay!

There really is so much awesomeness going on at Friends in Fiber today. You can see finished objects, beautiful handspuns and gorgeous dyed fiber. New at the shop is a nifty felted needle starter kit. I have to say, I would love to have this for myself!

Please visit Friends in Fiber today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a winner later in the week, so be sure and do your facebook, twitter, plurk, etc updates for extra entries!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spotted Circus Vinyard fiber giveaway!

This fiber is GORGEOUS! I love the colors and I really love the heathery darker alpaca fibers showing through under the dye. So beautiful!! Way to go Spotted Circus!!

I seriously love Spotted Circus! I look forward to Elizabeth's samples every month, because I know they are going to be awesome! Check out all the other overdyed black alpaca/silk she has in her shop- yum!!

Please visit Spotted Circus today, find something that strikes your fancy, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a winner later in the week, so you still have time to get those tweets/facebook updates/plurks/pins/stumbles in for extra entries!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Chinchillas1957 flying squirrels fiber giveaway!

This giveaway was a long time coming! Chinchillas1957 created these pulled fiber balls back in September for our "Enchanted Forest" box. What a gorgeous mix of superwash wool, brown alpaca and angelina!

Come see more gorgeous fiber! Lauren has loads of nommy goodness in her shop right now! She has several of these hand pulled fiber "nests" available, which is such a lovely fiber prep and you don't see it everywhere!

Visit Chinchillas1957 today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a winner later in the week, and remember that all of your social networking updates about this will get you extra entries!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winners this week!

Woohoo winners!! Please either pm me via rav (phatfiberlady) or yahoo mail (phatfiber) with your addresses!

Congratulations winners:

Elariel- You won the Wooliebullie fiber!

LE- You won the SilverSunAlpacas Fiber!

Kitsune- You won the Hilltop Cloud Fiber!

More awesome giveaways coming soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hilltop Cloud "champagne" Wensleydale giveaway!

Oooh am I excited about this giveaway! Some gorgeous "champagne" Wensleydale from Hilltop Cloud!! This beautiful fiber was dyed naturally using herbs by the lovely Katie in Wales. I really love this color, it's hard to describe, but "champagne" is the closest I can come :)

Hilltop Cloud is a beautiful shop, and I think this is the first time I've featured it on the blog? Well, you're in for a treat! Lovely, beautiful, natural British sheep breeds available here for experimenting with! Katie is only a couple of sales shy of 500!! I'd love for us to make up the difference for her :)

Please visit Hilltop cloud today, find something you love, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll be drawing for a winner later in the week, but be sure and use your social networking powers and gain extra entries: facebook,twitter,pinterest, linked in- everything counts!