Sunday, May 31, 2009

1,000 Petals and *Giveaway*

Want to see an amazing shop? Visit 1,000 petals and start making your wish list!
This little boutique is an oasis of amazing color and beautiful textures. Where else can you find yarns and fiber that seem to be made of water and movement?
I have purchased some of her "Rainy Day" sock and was incredibly pleased with it! Julie's dyeing skills are quite amazing- many have a special dappled look about them, that I find lovely!
Julie also keeps a gorgeous blog, where she journals her passion for yarn and fiber and is generously peppered with her glorious photography.
We're giving away this spectacular silver button (which can also be found in Julie's shop)! Please visit 1,000 Petals and find something you like. Write about it below, and we'll draw for a name Monday. Make sure you twitter and ravelate or blog about this, and help spread the word about this shop! You'll be counted twice for your efforts!
Thank you so much, Juile for your contributions to the box thus far! You're just amazing!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Desert Garden Farms *Giveaway*

Jennifer of Desert Garden Farms has cooked up a new club for all of us! You may choose from either yarn or fiber and along with your shipment, you'll get some scrumptious and pampering hand made salves or lotions or other decadent herbal body care product and a hand sewn bag! I think this would make a fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one.
Jennifer sent in some really nice mini batts for the May box, and I hope to be offering similar ones in the phat shop soon!
Did you know, Desert Garden Farms has a Ravelry group? Show off your spun samples and get in on all the special discounts Jennifer offers!
We're giving away a delicious hank of handspun single ply yarn, spun by Jennifer herself! It's a beautiful green and brown and is quite generous. Visit Desert Garden Farms, find something you like, and write about it in the comments section below. We'll draw for a name on Monday, and remember I will count your extra tweeting and plurking and such as extra entries!
Thank you so much Jennifer, dear! We look forward to your next box submissions!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Twisted Fiber and *giveaway*

A long overdue kudos! Brook from Twisted Fiber Yarn has been participating for several months in the box now, and we're giving away a gorgeous silk hankie!
My photos really don't do it justice, it's beautiful and watery and reminds me very much of our upcoming "Oceanic" theme!
Visit Brook's website and you'll find all sorts of goodies and tools! Did you know she stocks those adorable Hiya 9" circular needles? I'm really wanting to get some for sock knitting this summer!
Brook's website is very organized and you can find just about anything you want- including her delicious hand dyed yarn and fiber. I can also vouch that Brook's customer service is impeccable!
Please hop on over to Twisted Fiber Yarn and find something you'd like to write about in the comments section below here. We'll draw for this beautiful silk hankie and a few more giveaways on Monday! Remember twittering, facebooking, ravelating, plurking and blogging will get you extra entries!
Thank you so much, Brook for sending in your beautiful creations to the box and for offering all those essential tools in one place! You rock and we love you!

Phatties Rock! Giveaway Winners!

Our Phatties really do rock, don't they?

Here are this weeks winners!

We Love Thor Yarn- Katerina

Moonlight and Laughter Roving- MacBug

Dicentra Roving- Terri

Desired Haven Farm Cookie Monster handspun- Dang and Blast

Email me at phatifber at yahoo dot com if you've won!

Beacause our phatties are so incredible, I'm extending this giveaway week through the weekend!! I'll be posting another phabulous shop and giveaway today!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Desired Haven *Giveaway*

There are changes happening at Desired Haven Farms! The weather is getting warmer, the lambs are born, and Misty is focusing her artistic efforts on supplying us with wonderfully dyed spinning fiber! She's slashed her handspun yarn prices dramatically- so go check her shop out and help her clear out and make space in her processing room!
Misty sent in the most gorgeous deep cobalt blue handspun yarn as a giveaway! There is a cute story behind this! Misty was experimenting in her dye pots and she happened to lift it out right as her sister walked through her kitchen. She said "My God woman, you've killed Cookie Monster!" So Cookie Monster is what Misty has called it.
Because Misty is rearranging her shop, we need your help! Let us know what you like in Misty's shop, and comment about it here in the comments section below. You'll be entered in the drawing for "Cookie Monster" to be won tomorrow! Remember, I will count your tweets and plurks and facebook updates as extra entries!
Thank you so much Misty for this delightful giveaway!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dicentra Designs and *Giveaway*

Dicentra Designs seriously rocks my world! Lisa, the dye GODDESS of Dicentra, sent me two of her Merino/Angora spinning fibers in "Damask" and I was going to wait to do this giveaway until I finished spinning it- but I just can't!! I love Lisa's shop so much and I'm so excited about this giveaway, I just had to include it in the "Phatties Rock" week giveaways!
If you have experienced Lisa's samples, you understand when I say that beholding them, I got a rush of excitement over the masterful way the colors were combined and the superior quality of the fiber!
I am halfway through the "Damask" fiber and I'm taking a cue from a fellow Phattie and spinning it fingering weight singles- I am hoping to knit up a shawl. The angora makes this a yarn with an irreproachable and divine quality about it.
Did you know that Dicentra will be at the Black Sheep Gathering in June? For all of you lucky folks headed that way, be sure and look Lisa up! I'm sure she'll be easy to spot- with all of her gorgeous color!!!
Lisa was so kind to offer up this stunning 2.5 oz Merino/Angora spinning fiber in her "Edoras" colorway as a giveaway! Please visit Dicentra and find something you like. Post about that listing in the comments section below. I will be drawing for this giveaway on Friday, and for those of you who use twitter, facebook, blogs or other socical networking sites, let me know you've helped spread the word about this stunning shop, and I will count your entry twice.
Lisa, thank you so much for the privelege of spinning your gorgeous fiber, and for sending in your artistry in the box. We look forward to your June samples!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moonlight and Laughter giveaway!

Happy Birthday, Marilla!!
I wish you all could have seen me open the May Moonlight and Laughter samples! You would have seen my jaw drop a few times! I love love love this shop!
Ok, I know it was probably wrong of me, considering this was the sample she sent in this month, but I just snatched her "Rainbow Connection" yarn right out of her shop. If someone doesn't buy the "Marilla's Garden" roving, I'm going to go back and get it- and I won't feel guilty about it either, because here I am- telling you how awesome it is! Lime Greens, deep purples, a sunny nasturtium color and with hand dyed firestar to mix in for some bling! This roving is gorgeous.
Moonlight and Laughter is one of those hidden gems of etsy- once you've bought from Marilla, it is easy to make it a habit!
Marilla is so generous, she sent in 4 oz of her hand painted super squishy superwash roving in the "Marilla's Garden" colorway as a giveaway! Just visit her shop, and find something you like (she's open to custom orders!) and post about it below. I will draw a random name on Friday, and remember I will count your extra tweets, plurks, facebook updates and blogposts as extra entries! Help spread the happiness!
Thank you so much, Marilla for the opportunity to purchase the most amazing rainbow colorway yarn I have ever seen. You Rock.

Monday, May 25, 2009

We Love Thor Giveaway

Carina, the dye maven behind We Love Thor is celebrating a birthday this month! She was so sweet to include some of her "Floating Orchid" Peredale roving in her last shipment of samples for me. The top photo is the resulting yarn- aren't the colors just yummy?!

Carina "super sized" some of her samples included in May's box as little gifts to you!
We Love Thor is having some extra terrestrial sales right now! They are changing their current sock base and are clearing out stock- so go snatch a pair of yet to be knit socks!

In celebration of Carina's birthday, we're giving away some really delicious We Love Thor yarn. It is called "Garden Variety" and is a light worsted weight- and like much of their goods, looks like candy to me (note chubby 3 year old boy fingers in second photo- they look like candy to someone else I know too). Please visit We Love Thor, find something you like, and write about it below here. We'll draw for a winner on Friday. Remember, I will count your twitter, facebook, plurk and blog updates about this as second entries!

Thank you, Carina for sending in such gorgeous samples! We Love You!

Friday, May 22, 2009


This is something you're going to want to bookmark and check back on!! Fiberphiles has a new website and you can now pre-order sock yarn Georgia (the dye goddess) will be listing in her website.

I am utterly in love with all of Fiberphiles colorways! Waaay back in March, I purchased some of her Alchemy sock in the "Inlet" colorway and I was completely blown away when it arrived. As it sometimes happens, my husband was also smitten with it, and I commenced knitting him a pair of socks. Of course, my birthday is in late March, so I became increasingly selfish with my knitting and after finishing one sock, left the other partially knit one to linger on the needles.
Does anyone else have a problem finishing socks for men?

I am telling you right here and now, the main motivation for continuing this sock is the completely fall over myself gorgeous dye job this yarn has. Look at the eye of partridge flap on these babes! Talk about stitch definition! Like I said, I'm in love!!

Please check out Georgia's beautiful Blog. I am completely amazed at all of the things she manages to do and accomplish! The blog is quite beautiful and certainly worth checking out.

I am going to recomitt to finishing poor Marcus' socks this weekend and unfortunately, I'll be frogging at least 40 rows because I was paying too much attention to whatever was on TV when I went to center my heel flap. Hey, it's just more time to spend soaking in this beautiful yarn, right?

Thank you Georgia, for being an inspiration to me and for creating such luscious yarns!

Giveaway Winners for this week!

Thank you all for stopping by these shops and making comments! These really help our contributors keep up with what you all like!


Cool Climates Handspun: Joyce

Black Tie Fiber Arts Handspun: The Clay Muse

Ambrosia and Bliss pendant: Missus.Mint

Fiber Gift Tags WPI tool: NightPhoenix

winners email me at

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I'll be putting some really awesome giveaways up soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fiber Gift Tags and *Giveaway*

Picture it, you've spent months knitting a sweater for a graduation gift to a nephew. He loves it and it feels like a big hug when he wears it. Then, the unthinkable happens- he washes it in the washing machine and shrinks it to an unwearable size. All of that time, love and energy- lost to ignorance about hand-knit care.
Enter Fiber Gift Tags! Create custom tags, with care instructions, printed on quality heavy weight card stock. Fiber Gift Tags is based out of Canada, and they have tags for each of your fiber projects, including quilting and felting tags! There is no extra charge to have them customize tags for you, so let your imagination run wild. A few of you will be seeing them in your May box, so be on the lookout!
Fiber Gift Tags has graciously sent in a hand-turned WPI gauge in an exotic wood called Padouk for a giveaway! Just visit the online store, find something you'd like to have and write about it below. I will count your extra tweeting, ravelating, and blogging as extra entries!
Thank you Fiber Gift Tags for your superior product and generous sampling in the May box.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ambrosia and Bliss and *Giveaway*

Am . bro. sia
Something especially delicious to taste or smell.

Supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment.

I love this little shop! Rebecca says 'Ambrosia' and 'Bliss' are two words her family uses to describe things they like. If you've experienced any of her samples in the last four boxes, you will agree that her products are exceptional, and give off a very good loving vibe. We've experienced her delicious lavender sachets, beautiful stone pendants, her wonderful mixed media sheep and this month you'll get to experience her beautiful handspun! She had a custom roving dyed for her by another phattie and it tured out so beautiful! The yarn is meant to remind you of blooming Crabapple trees, and it is so fresh and pretty.
We have a lovely green stone pendant with sterling bail to give away here! Please visit Ambrosia and Bliss, and find something you like. Post about it below, and you'll be entered in the drawing on Friday. Be sure and help get the word out with Facebook, Twitter and your own blog- I'll count you extra if you do!
Thank you so much, Rebecca! I love your shop, your attention to detail, and your keen sense of color and design. We look forward to your future submissions to Phat Fiber!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black Tie Fiber Arts and *Giveaway*

How sweet is was to open a package from Black Tie Fiber Arts this past weekend and see a little gift for me! Jessica- the spinning maven behind Black Tie Fiber Arts spun up a beautiful skein of corriedale called "Confetti"- I love it! I think it will become a little hat or purse.
Jessica's shop is just full of beautiful handspun! I love her Avocado yarn!

She also makes the cutest stitch markers- both crochet and knit! This month in your boxes, look for both handspun and stitch marker samples!

Jessica sent in a beautiful skein of super-soft handspun called "Antique Roses". It's a super sqooshy and soft 90 yard skein that would be just perfect for a cowl or some next to skin project! We're giving this beauty away to a random commentor here on the blog! Just visit Black Tie Fiber Arts and find something you love. Write about it below and we'll draw for the giveaway on Friday! Be sure and plurk, tweet, and facebook because I'll count those as extra entries!

Thank you, Jessica for sending in beautiful samples and for treating me extra special! You made my day!