Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Giveaway Week Winners!

Each of you who commented we assigned numbers (extra for those who tweeted and blogged) I made it easy on myself and used http://www.random.org to generate integers for each giveaway. The following names were drawn!

Zebisis Giveaway: Memaricerenee

Bunky Bobo's: Bridgett (Ravelry)

Northern Lights: Laurie Let's Knit-it

Winemakerssister: StephCat

Desired Haven Farm: Rachel O

Calizona Designs: ChicagoKnitter

Meliss's Kre8tions: Jennifer (desertgarden)

Thank you all for helping me spread the word about these awesome shops! Please keep checking back in, I have more giveaways and more great artisans to feature!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Melissa's Kre8tions Giveaway

Where did Spring go? It was in the mid 70s last week and now, I have to put my coat on to go outside? Seriously? I'm ready for warm weather!
I'm one of those knitter types that will fondle yarn all year long. It drives my Dad nuts- "How can you knit in 85 degree weather?!" he'll exclaim. Simple, I say: "A little invention called air conditioning". Besides, if you knit gifts for Christmas, getting a jump start on the holidays means starting in August- am I right?
Do you remember those fingerless mitts I was wearing in March's video? Sweet Melissa from Melissa's Kre8tions made them for me! They are so darn happy, I could eat them- if you really like them, I believe they are knit from her "Crayon" handspun that is listed in her shop now. She sent some samples in for March in the same colorway. Melissa was so sweet, in fact, she sent in a pair of fingerless gloves for you, our lucky commenter! Just visit Melissa's wonderful shop, find something you like, and post about it below here! These gloves are made with an open lace stitch so they are the perfect spring-time accessory for those of you who are also wondering where spring went. Remember, I will count your twittering, plurks, facebook status, blogposts and forum posts as second entries to win! Leave a way for me to contact you, in case you're the lucky winner.
Melissa, I love your yarn and your shop, and your outlook on life! Thanks so much for being a Phat Fiber contributor!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Calizona Designs and *Giveaway*

When Classic Mully does something, she goes all out! Classic is the wonder woman behind Calizona Designs, a shop chock full of sparkly things so if you are easily distracted- finish reading this before you visit there.
When I received the beautiful packets Classic put together for March, I felt like a Hollywood VIP! She was so sweet to set aside one just for me, and inside was a hand painted yarn sampling, a pattern for springtime headband, a set of beaded earrings, a lotus flower hand made pendant and a set of chocolate pearl beaded stitch markers! The cherry on top of it all, was a $10 gift certificate I just used. I bought yarn (I've got it on the brain all the time) but now after looking at some of her jewelry pieces, I regret I didn't get one of those. Jewelry, like sock yarn, doesn't count, in fact if you're like me, it is a mandatory expense just like buying underwear - so feel free to splurge a little ( I know I will be!).
If you've got that packet from Classic in your March box, remember the coupon expires so be sure and redeem it! Let us know what you got too- nothing in her shop is the same and we like to look at the pretties!
For April, Classic sent in hand made and hand painted bamboo knitting needles! Again, she gave me the glam treatment and allotted a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset pair for me. As part of the giveaway, the winner will be able to pick out their own pair from the ones she sent in. She really does it all, everything from cherries to strawberries to ladybugs to pink cheetah print! If you have an idea for some painted needles, Classic is your go-to gal. The lucky commenter winner will also receive a special March packet I have reserved for this giveaway. Inside is a beautiful pearl and crystal jade colored bracelet, a yarn sampling, the coupon, and jade colored glass stitch markers! The value of this giveaway is worth $70-$90! All you have to do, is visit Calizona Designs and post about something you like here on the blog. I will count your twittering, facebook posts, ravelry posts or blogposts as extra entires- just let me know that is what you did! Help us get the word out about this amazing shop! I will be drawing on Tuesday, so hurry hurry!
Thank you, Classic for going the extra mile in everything you do! We look forward to more sampling of your special work in coming boxes!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Desired Haven Farm and *Giveaway*

Misty from Desired Haven Farm has done it again. If you've seen her gorgeous March samples, you'll know what I'm talking about. I didn't actually weigh them, but these seemed to be nearly 50g and some of the prettiest handspun I've ever seen.
Misty is a very active member of our group and we all look forward to hearing about her latest animal updates. This woman really pours her heart and soul into caring for her animals. Desired Haven's etsy shop directly funds purchasing feed and other expenses of her fiber farm.
Misty sent in an absolutely gorgeously huge hank of heavenly handspun! It has a slight shimmer to it with nubs of various greens and deep blues. I am reluctant to let it go! If you don't win it- it can be found here.
Please visit Desired Haven Farm's shop and find something you like, post about it below, and you will be entered to win on Tuesday! I will count your extra efforts (tweets, blogs, plurks, facebook) to help me get the word out about Misty's shop as second entries in the pool. Leave a way for me to find you too (rav id or twitter name?) in case you win.
Misty, you know we love you! Keep on being your awesome self!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Winemakerssister and *Giveaway*

Have any of you been wondering where I purchased the cute stamps that decorate the outside of the Phat boxes each month? We have two very talented phatties who carve their own stamps! The ones I've purchased from Winemakerssister are very well done. Thick and sturdy, they don't need to be mounted on wood.
Many of Heather's designs are fiber or knitting related! I especially love her knit love one.. expect that to be gone soon :)
If you are looking for some gorgeous stitchmarkers, winemakerssister has so many to choose from. I love that many of them are gold tone- you don't see that very often and it lends to an air of sophistication. I am especially in love with her coffee bean ones!
Heather sent in a few gnome printed note cards with March's samples- how cute are those guys! I am just amazed at how talented this woman is! Heather's April samples are here and I'm super excited about them (something new!).
We are giving away one of Winemakerssister's hand carved "celtic heart" stamp! Please visit heather's shop and find something you like! Post about it below (second entries for helping get the word out on twitter, facebook, plurk or blogs) and the drawing will be held Tuesday.
Thank you Heather, for being a contributor to Phat Fiber! We hope you continue to contribute more beautiful samples.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bunky Bobos and *Giveaway*

Bunky Bobos is a charter member of Phat Fiber- we saw her amazing yarn debut in January's box. March's box had some really deliciously dyed worsted weight yarn samples as well as her famously wonderful lip balm! Did you know Sandy includes a lip balm with every yarn order? How much more an you sweeten the deal?
Sandy has been a busy busy bee- I just popped in to her shop and it is chock full of yarn- each one I would be beyond thrilled to own. The woman has mad dyeing skills- which is why I commissioned her to create a colorway for the phat shop called "Miranda". She used a special heathered base yarn and it came out stunning!
Sandy sent me an amazing package to give away to you, a lucky commenter here. 2 full skeins of her "Phat" colorway (squee!) in worsted weight, a famous bunky girl lip balm, and a hand crafted soap from the blue ridge mountains in bergamot mint (yummy!). All you have to do, is visit Bunky Bobos and find something you like, write about it here below and that counts as your entry- post again if you tweeted or blogged about this contest so I'll count you twice. Remember, I"ll need to find you somehow in case you win so make it easy on me and leave your Rav or twitter id along with your post. Drawing will be held on Tuesday!
Thank you so much Sandy, for creating these gorgeous yarns for us to covet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Northern Lights Fiber Company and *Giveaway*

I have never seen the northern lights. It is definitely on my bucket list though. The mere name "Alaksa" is a dreamy whisper on my tongue as I imagine myself standing on a thawing tundra overlooking an icy blue ocean in the distance.
Northern Ligts Fiber Company started life as "The felted sheep" so you may remember Kelsey from her former shop name. NLFco has contributed to three boxes so far- the third being April so look for her delicious yarn in your "Eco/Green" boxes!
I really love Kelsey's eye for color- her palette is so broad! Find exactly what you need in her shop- both bright and vibrant colorways and more subdued earthy tones can be found right next to each other.
I have been especially enjoying Kelsey's blog lately, where I've learned she has just finished spinning/knitting vests for her two adorable sons. After just browsing past posts she was writing about how her husband John "squishes her yarn" when she asks him to. I asked Marcus to squish her giveaway yarn just moments before I read that! Hee hee- I think we can safely say her yarn is very squishable.
Kelsey was so sweet to send in a giveaway with her April samples! Up for grabs are 2 50gram (180 yards) skeins of sport weight yarn (a shiny 50% tencel and 50% superwash merino blend) in her delicious "Soufriere" colorway- which is stunning! In order for you to win (drawin held Tuesday) you should visit her shop find something you like, and post about it below here. Remember I will count your tweets, plurks, blogposts and forum posts as double entries! I'm also going to need to hunt you down when you win- so post your Rav id or other identifying mark so I can find you.
Thank you so much, Kelsey for sending your beautiful wares in for us to sample! We hope you will continue to contribute to Phat Fiber!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zebisis and Giveaway!

Oh goodness, where to begin! I am near speechless at the beauty of this shop! Several of you received a gorgeous sampling of Zebisis fiber in their March Phat Fiber boxes. Delicious and generous braids of silk and merino in exquisite jewel tones, everything right down to the hand made tags just oozed with decadence! My Zebisis experience can be likened to finding a hidden perfumery on a narrow street- its black walls diffused with faceted and gleaming perfume bottles adorning the shelf after shelf of precious resins and absolutes beckoning you to sample and indulge in an exotic olfactory saturnalia.
Zebisis Designs is a hand spindlers nirvana. If it isn't completely exquisite, it simply is not in Maiysha's shop. I indulged in her spindle club and I am almost giddy with anticipation for the first shipment! You see, Maiysha sent me a package with extra goodies for me to sample (because she is so sweet!)- some deliciously jewel-toned braids, silk and a gorgeously fluffy batt! The special box also contained a stone whorl spindle to be given away to you, here, on this blog. After moving the spindle between my fingers (no I didn't use it *grin*) it was love at first twirl and there was no option left for me, but to join that spindle club- a perfect example of my "it's my birthday" justification routine.
Ok, I'll stop gushing and get on with the giveaway!
Today's offering is a stone whorl (rhodonite) spindle- complete with black lacquered shaft and gold-filled hand bent hook. I will include a bit of Maiysha's decadent fiber for you to play with as well!
Please visit Zebisis and find something you like (so hard, I know) and post about it here. I will be drawing for this next week, so you have time to really click on every listing in her shop. Be sure and leave a way for me to find you, should you be the lucky commenter! I will count your tweets, blogposts, forum shout outs etc as double entries!
Thank you so much Zebisis Designs for your contribution to the Phat Fiber box, and for generally, being awesome.

Phat Fiber Giveaway Week Celebration

Everything is in bloom here in Carbondale! The dogwoods, tulip trees, redbuds, pears and cherry trees are all ablaze with colorful signs of spring! Bet you didn't think Illinois looks like the photo above (taken a few days ago) - well, it doesn't. The gleaming natural jewel of Southern Illinois does though. We have swamps, deep and dark forests, mountainous hills, where two major rivers converge and a precarious fault line that shakes us awake in the middle of the night and reminds us how short life can be every once in a while. The weather here has been mild and sunny, and it makes me feel great to be alive! Speaking of which, it's my birthday! If you knew how stupendously accident prone I am, you'd be marvelling at this milestone too. I'm not talking stubbing toes or running into furniture (although that is a daily occurrence for me) but an existence peppered with life threatening car accidents, bone fractures, and near fatal illnesses.

Birthdays tend to be about a week long in my household. I like to go on junk food benders, mini online shopping sprees, and shirk my housekeeping responsibilities all the week long, saying "It's my birthday" as a justification for everything. I hope to be selfishly casting on a knitted project for myself today- weigh in here, shawl or socks? I also am thrilled to be giving away something here on the blog every day this week! I'll be doing the major drawing next Tuesday, so keep checking back in!

Yarndemon Winner!


Giveaways every day this week!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

PFI: We Love Thor

Well, I love We Love Thor. I know what you're thinking, but it is not the Thor of mythology or Marvel Comic variety! It's the little gray/green alien from Stargate!
If you thought that was clever, check out the awesomely happy and bright We Love Thor shop on Etsy! For February, WLT contributed the sweetest little morsel of corriedale called "chocolate strawberry cookies". In March, a beautiful sample of "Lia Fail" colorway along with some yarn called "morrighan" which also was almost edible! I love that you can go (right now!) get full sized versions of your samples right now in their shop. Ani and Gwil live Canada (Where they filmed Stargate!) and after reading their profile about fleeces being thrown away in dumpsters, I want to visit there as well :D
I am currently eyeing the "floating orchid" in the Perendale roving- because you just don't come across that fiber too often and I'd love to try some! If you happen to have gotten a WLT sample in your phat fiber box- swatch or spin it and send them pics- you'll get a gift with your order in return! How sweet!
I am thrilled to tell you all that We Love Thor has already sent in their April samples, and they are just as delicious (if not more so!).
Ani and Gwil, we love your work! Please continue to contribute to the Phat Fiber sampler!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sweet Pea Fibers

There is a contributor who's shop, I really truly just adore and that is Sweet Pea Fibers! I bought a few items from her shop a few weeks ago and I couldn't have been more pleased! Felicia included a little bit of dyed shetland for me to try- don't you just love it when shop owners go that extra mile and make you feel all warm and gooey inside?! Because Felicia just drips with awesome, she has provided a sampling listing in her shop! With one swoop, you can buy mini versions of her popular offerings.

Felicia has sent in samples for all three months so far! Her January samples were huge, puffy and scrumptious spinning batts and roving. They were nearly 1oz each! She sent in a mixed lot of hand dyed yarn for both February and March and I was so enamored of the sheen, quality and softness I scrambled to buy some shortly after they arrived! I plan on making some sort of quick-to-knit drapey shawl from the yarn I bought since it has some lovely shiny silk in it- and it was dyed to perfection- really! What have you bought from Sweet Pea Fibers? I would love for everyone to visit her shop and let her know here how much it is loved :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Yarndemon and *Giveaway*

I am so thrilled to tell you all about Yarndemon! It really is a slice of happy on the internet!
Anita, the poly clay maverick, has sent in stitch marker samples for both February and March and now, she's doing orifice hooks!
I got a special orifice hook surprise in the mail and it's almost silly, how proud I am to have a personalized tool from her!
Anita hand sculpts all of the "critters" you see in her shop and I am stunned she isn't selling these for 2x what she has them listed for. I purchased a set of her colorful Easter egg chickie stitch markers for a swap partner last month, and they came packaged in a jewelry box/bag and were extremely well received!
Well, in the March box- Anita went the extra mile and sent in loads of the most adorable hand sculpted sheep stitch markers! I know several of you want to string them about your necks, they are so adorable!
I am so excited to be giving away an orifice hook of your choice to a lucky commenter here! Anita has made me both a sheep and a flamingo one, and I honestly can't decide which is cuter!
All you have to do to be entered for this giveaway, is leave a comment here about something you like from Yarndemon's Shop. I will be drawing for the winner on Tuesday, so you've got time to scope everything out! Remember, always leave a way for me to find you- and tweeting and blogging etc about this contest will net you extra entries!

Leprechaun Winner!

zbaerenlovesme !!!

But, I will say- all of you are VERY lucky people!!

Giveaway next post too!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sneaky Pig Yarns

Have any of you had a chance to check out Phattie, Sneaky Pig's shop?

Last month, Shannon sent in samples of her hand dyed bulky yarn, and I really enjoyed the little stitch marker included in each pouch! So adorable.

January's Sneaky pig were very very pretty with all my favorite greens and blues in a striped colorway.

Of all the yarns in her shop, I am most drawn to the caramelly colored merino laceweight- Gah! I could eat it!

Thank you so much Sneaky Pig Yarns for contributing to the Phat Fiber Sampler, please consider contributing again, and again!

Where in the World is Knickolas?

Knickolas spent several sunny days in Florida last month, and didn't really want to come back to cold, gray, Illinois. I'm glad he did because we sure missed his bright, albeit a bit sarcastic humor around here.
Carly, his host Mom, showed Knick about her back yard and he got to bask in the warm Florida sun, by her Koi pond. He told me later that he now considers feeding fish a favorite activity. Carly had a slide in her back yard too, Knick was sure to take full advantage of that.
Since fiber and yarn is what Knickolas loves most, Carly and Knick spent several evenings evaluating her stash and current knitting and crochet projects. Carly is involved with the Snuggles Project on Ravelry which donates "snugglies" to animal shelters. Knick tested one out and confirmed it's snuggliness. He also posed next to a small knitted bag made from a February Sample (Vines Handspun).
Carly took very good care of Knick and is now expecting her Free box for March!
Knick is en route to a mystery destination (we box all the boxes and then attach labels to the tops) and we are all anxiously awaiting word back that he has arrived safely! In the meantime, another magical creature as appeared from fiber artist, Myfairbaglady.
I had intended to post this yesterday but, well laid plans- you know :)
For your giveaway enjoyment: A hand felted leprechaun!! Inside his coal black pot is not gold, but a felted ring! I tried it on to gauge size and it is approximately a size 7. All you have to do to win this lucky leprechaun, is tell us about something "lucky" happening to you below in the comments section! I'll draw for this guy on Friday, so leave a way for me to find you!
Oh, and for those lucky people who get a Myfairbaglady sample in their March boxes- they are filled with "lucky llamas" and "lucky lambs!" Each one of the 50 she sent in were different and if you send her a little story about yours, you'll get a discount in her shop!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Haley Studio

Here are the beautiful samples Enid, from Haley Studio sent in for March! They were quite generous, and all had a very healthy, lustre to the wool- it was easy to tell Enid made careful decisions when selecting her materials. Very scrumptious! Look closely at the last picture and you will see how to get 15% off of your next purchase from Haley Studio. *wink*
Enid took the time to do a little write up, explaining her samples and I think she did a wonderful job (both on the samples and her explanation) so I have copied and pasted this from her blog:
"All the roving for these samples was bought in person, from the people who raised the sheep, at either the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival or the Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival in Minnesota. I know for sure that the Shetland samples are naturally colored fiber with no added dye. I believe that the BFL/Lincoln is also naturally colored, but at the same time I know the “ideal” breed specimens are white, not gray. So I’m not positive! I am also unsure whether the BFL/Lincoln is wool from a cross-breed or a blend of wools from both breeds.
The packaging is representative of what you’ll get from my shop – all yarns have been washed gently with Synthrapol, wrung and sent through the spin cycle, then air-dried. Next they are tagged with length, weight, and a space to write in stitches per inch. I include the sheep breed in the fiber content if it is known.
These samples are characteristic of my spinning in that they are traditionally textured, two-ply and on the light side of worsted. I have a spinning wheel with a small orifice, and it seems to like this kind of yarn best! However, some yarns in my shop are Navajo-ply, funky spirals, or bulkier weight, and as it happens I’m all out of Shetland for this year! I hope to get more in September at the WI fest. I also very much enjoy spinning dyed roving sourced from other small vendors (via Etsy, other online shops and the festivals) – although dyeing is fun, I like spinning better.
Allergy notes: Yarn has been spun in a non-smoking household. I have a cat, but she isn’t allowed around the yarn once it’s been washed; it’s stored in a large plastic bin with some anti-moth herbs and cedar chips.
Don’t forget to check for the coupon code on the tag to get 15% off your order!"
Thank you so much Haley Studio, for contributing to Phat Fiber! We hope you'll be able to participate again and again!