Thursday, July 12, 2012

July "Seaside Cottage" preview videos!


sarahjeanne said...

Noil is pronounced like narwhal without the "ar," so "nwahl." It's French. Leicester is English, so like Worcestershire and other weird words, they cut out half the syllables. It's pronounced "Lester," as in uncle. La Jolla is pronounced "La Hoya."

Unknown said...


And btw, I had to watch the first video twice, as this was my first time joining in on the PFSB and your beautiful nails kept distracting me. LOL What color/brand is your nail polish? I NEED that color! :D

Thank y'all for all the work, time & effort y'all put into this for us! I am going to be a hermit on Sunday to make sure I am home to get one of these boxes for the first time! :D :D

ikea bedroom said...

Hello Everyone
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This type of clever work and exposure! God Bless you for sharing this information online.

PhatLady said...

Thanks for the pronunciation help! :)

The nail polish color is called "Beach Bum Blu" by Essie :)