Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Cupcake Factory

Do you ever have one of those days, ladies I KNOW you know what I'm talking about, where you feel the need to curl up in a pair of sweats, tie your hair up in a messy topknot and vegetate on the couch in front of the tube- preferably with a bucket-o-bnj ice cream?
I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need to go there today- but I've come to realize once you start thinking that way it is very very hard to stop.
Enter The Cupcake Factory and her "buttercream" sock yarn base. It really is like some sort of confection for your needles. If you didn't get a little smackeral in your phat box last time, trust me- go grab whatever "buttercream" Carissa has in her shop. They really are flying out the door like freshly frosted cupcakes! She puts the cutest little cupcake stickers on the outside of the boxes she sends too- tres adorable!
The night I have in my head: A tub of chocolate ice cream, hand painted knitting needles, adorable stitch markers, an easy to follow pattern and some delicious buttercream yarn in one of Carissa's ultra-happy colors. I will also take a heating pad, cozy blanket, and pain med cocktail for an appetizer. For dessert, I like my "Pushing up Daisies" re-runs warm, with a side order of icy-cold "House" please.
Carissa was also kind enough to send in some delicious "crumb" samples too (for those of you who don't speak baked goods that is her superwash colonial roving) in a delicious purpley color. I haven't seen anyone spin those up yet, but I am waiting with anticipation- photos people, photos!
Thank you so much Carissa, for sending in such delicious samples for everyone to partake. Please, please continue to feature your products in the box!

Oh, and if you can't get enough of The Cupcake Factory on Etsy, Carissa has a lovely blog, and a flickr photostream!


Carly said...

Jessie - I spun mine up and it's posted on the "Whose Spun Samples?" thread on ravelry.There's alot of stuff on there so you probably just missed it. Check it out if you want to see some "crumbs" spun up.

Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

Turtle said...

pretty!! and so soft looking!