Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oriri Draco Designs

We all love the exciting and multi colored indie dyed yarns of the Phat Fiber contributors. Equally exciting, however, is the prospect of creating an entire sweater or other large piece out of a beautiful and divine solid color from an independent yarn company.
I am thrilled to tell you all about Oriri Draco Designs! Many of you are fondling your trio of Oriri Draco yarn from your February box. A delicious example of luxurious solid dyed yarn! When they arrived, visions of shawls and sweaters danced in my head for many hours afterwards. I am thinking my first "February Lady" Sweater might just need to stitched from an Oriri Draco yarn... color suggestions welcomed in comments section below.
Abby has a wonderful shop and I feel like I've completed some sort of color therapy treatment after I visit it. I also thoroughly enjoy Abby's humorous twittering about her day, her dyeing and other happenings (she's a Mom to 3 "yarn babies!")
Today is a special day! Oriri Draco Designs turns 2 years old!! In celebration of this event, Abby has marked down her prices up to 25%!!
It's those everyday luxuries that help keep us all sane during these trying times- please visit Abby's shop and help us celebrate!
Thank you so much Oriri Draco for contributing to Phat Fiber, I only wish I had your yarn to paw (I mean knit) during the oscars. Will someone please invent teleporting yarn?


Oriri said...

Awww! Jessie, thank you so much for this post! (I didn't know if I should Squee or get all teary! LOL!)

Thank you again!!


Turtle said...

beautiful colors!

rebelhousewife said...

Oh Beautiful. I can't wait until I get my February box.

CinderLisa said...

Fantastic shop! I love hearing about all the different fiber people you find. =)

Infinitespirals said...

Teleporting? Maybe we could send it over fiber-optic cable! (hahaha)

Craftpassion said...

The colour is so sweet, love it!!!