Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Twice Sheared Sheep

The following is a most humorous guest review of The Twice Sheared Sheep by fellow "Phattie" (Phat Fiber Participant) Natchwoolie.

Bury me in Cashmere

My new favorite place is
The Twice Sheared Sheep. The first time I wound up there I was amazed to find the most beautiful baby's butt pink yarn I had ever seen. Then I note that it is laceweight cashmere and I can actually afford it as I am frantically clicking to get it in my cart as fast as possible - wow there are three - have to have them all, I feel a pi shawl coming on. Now I begin to scroll quickly for more cashmere. I spot a pale icy blue and nab it-oh shute-only one-but 500 yards HEY a big scarf! At this point I am in a panic searching the whole store to make sure I didn't miss anymore cashmere. Oh my goodness I spotted a REALLY REALLY RED one and scarfed up two skeins of that. Now I am beginning to wonder how much I have spent and check my cart - it is not looking good, but we are talking about cashmere after all and I am saving the planet because all the yarn from Twice Sheared Sheep is recycled. I am feeling good about myself so I take one last cruise to make sure I am not missing anything and low and behold I spot the most gorgeous shade of green Extra Fine Italian Lace Merino. I am a sucker for green and the lace thing is obvious by now...two skeins - cool. Now I bet you are thinking what is she going to do with all that laceweight yarn? Well I will knit it up someday -- who cares? Its cashmere and merino, if I don't get it knitted--they can just bury me in it. Feeling a little guilty at this point, so I have to pass on this way-cool, chartreuse green dk. I don't know if I can stand it, but I check out anyway. My yarn arrived more delicious than I anticipated and I have been fondling it ever since.

On my next trip to The Twice Sheared Sheep, I had nothing left in my budget and I have no idea why I went there, but it was meant to be. Staring me right in the face were 4, count them, 4 - 500 yard skeins of natural white gossamer weight silk (I absolutely love these 500 yard skeins!) Visions of dyeing possibilities began dancing in my head and I stuffed them in my cart and checked out as fast as possible to avoid any chance that a yarn pirate might off with my booty. A couple of days later, my lush-a-licious silk arrived and all thoughts of dyes disappeared as I stared at the sparkling white magnificence. There aren't any colors good enough for this.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I got a gorgeous and rich wine colored sample of Extra Fine Merino in the February PhatFiber Box along with a darling freshwater pearl infinity stitch marker that perfectly matches my almost virgin silk.

I'm afraid this is a sad tale after all as I have found that I am a very very sick individual. As I sat down to share my breathtaking experiences and began to eat my bowl of chocolate chip ice cream, I thought I better sneak in a visit to The Twice Sheared Sheep, before I bestow my story upon the world just in case.....and found a beautiful rusty cashmere and quickly snapped up 2, there were more, but well, that budget thing again, I'll save them for whoever gets there first (you better hurry before I change my mind.) I always have to go through the entire store.........I stumble on the chartreuse dk wool that I had managed to take out of my cart three times the first time I was shopping (not sure where that bit of abstinence came from.) Four skeins @ 200 yards = maybe a sweater-albeit a small one- I am getting it this time-obviously meant to be. 3 Skeins of super bulky Forest Green wool, well St Patrick's day is coming...............perhaps a big chunky hooded cowl for the parade.

Thank you to The Twice Sheared Sheep for contributing to the Phat Fiber box- we look forward to future yarny deliciousness from you!

Thank you Natchwoolie for putting to words, what we all have felt about a shop they love!


Roo said...

Nice job, Natchwoolie! Loved the blog :)

My Fair Bag Lady said...

It isn't fair you know. The photos were killer but the blog sucker punched me. I admit to buying.

Carly said...

Great review! I have to admit...I gave into the temptation of Twice Sheared Sheep before I'd even gotten into the Phat Fiber box frenzy. I was so glad to hear she was a contributor this month.

sunnie fairy said...

oh, wow! amazing prices. :] what a great review, as well.

CinderLisa said...

Fantastic review, and gorgeous yarn! One of those that makes me wish I could feel the texture through my computer screen. Sigh.

jessicalynnknits said...

Now I'm wishing I had not spent my yarn budget (plus some, thank you hubby for being understanding).

Elaine said...

Oh Wow! How beautiful. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Turtle said...

gorgeous and so soft looking!