Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Natural Obsessions

Today is Andrea of Natural Obsession's birthday! As a little gift to herself, she's offering a discount to those who say "happy birthday Andrea" in the message to seller! I took advantage of her secret sale.. you should too!
Andrea's fiber is so delicious! Just look at the long tencel-laden braids she sent in for February's Phat Fiber box! "Black Nightie" is Marcus' favorite... I wonder why?
That's some sexy fiber, Andrea! It is so satiny and weighty at the same time! I can not wait for people to get these samples because I know you all are going to flip out! The braids are enough to make a little something out of!
Andrea stocks mostly 8oz of fiber in her listings as well, which would definitely give you enough to make a larger project out of!
I really want to try some of her 100% tencel braids! I was chatting with Andrea today and she explained that they look a bit intimidating but are actually quite easy to spin!
I'm going to warn you, visiting Natural Obsessions, may trigger an obsession of your own!
Thank you so much Andrea for contributing to February's box! We are eagerly anticipating your next contributions to Phat Fiber!


Roo said...


The February box is going to be just amazing...

Turtle said...

well happy birthday andrea, lol, but i'm broke this week! (bought seeds yeaterday!) can't wait for monday!!

sunnie fairy said...

Happy birthday Andrea!

P.S. We share a love for fiber... and a name! my name is Andrea too! :]

Amber/Rayne said...

Another difficult to choose! I love the Dragon Horde that is so PRETTY!!!

trh said...

Tuesday was my birthday too! Happy Birthday!

mamakin said...

Happy Birthday Andrea. I feel like I'm the one who's celebrating since My boxes came this morning and I've been smiling all day! I was sorry I wasn't one to get one of your braids-they're so yummy and every color was a gotta have lol. I've already visited your shop & I'm coming up with a plan to put aside money for all the thing I want...I'm fining everybody for chores not done-double fine if it's still there the next day, this will include my husband, so I figure I'll be seeing you next month if this works out. mwahahahahah