Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tracy Rios

I'm a good house guest... really! I promise I won't eat much and I'll make my bed too. Please, please can I come over to your house Tracy and play with your baby angora bunnies?!!
Tracy and Franco's (that's her hubs) bunnehs are no ordinary angoras! Tracy is continually showing her satin angora bunneh babies and has been in sweepstakes for 4 years!
So, those of you who have received a delicious puffy angora cloud in your last phat fiber box, have really gotten a taste of satin angora bunny finest!
Tracy is also the artist behind the most amazing art yarns and handspuns! She painstakingly harvests the bunneh fiber, processes it an spins it all herself! A labor of love.....
All that love transfers to the final product folks! Knit up a cuddly hat or scarf with some of her beautiful yarn! You could knit yourself a crowny headband using this pattern developed by a happy box recipient. If you don't have the time- Tracy offers some finished knits in her shop too.
Tracy has sent in mounds of satin angroa clouds for the February box!! Add some softness to your next handspun project and try some of Tracy's fiber!


Roo said...

Oh, wow... those yarns look amazing! I love her technique.

BTW Jessie, I meant to tell you how much I like the new blog banner too.

Anita said...

That's just gorgeous! I want to come play with the bunnies too!! :)

Turtle said...

they look beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

It's a SALE!!! All vintage yarns, raw angora, and wearable items are 50% off. Sale ends Feb. 28th.