Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Turtle Cove Farm

Did you get any beautifully dyed Turtle Feet Sock Yarn in your January Box? To me, the "Ice Flower" colorway is the perfect cerulean blue- almost 3 dimensional in depth!
Turtle cove makes amazing soaps and salves too! I'm beyond excited to see what Turtle Cove's February box sample will be!
Eryn is doing something I really wish I could do myself (hey, there's still time!) She's moving her family from a city in tropical Florida to fiber farm in North Dakota! The family is already raising angora rabbits and hope to add Icelandic Sheep to the farm- making sheep milk's goat too- YUMMY!
Support the dream farm! Visit Eryn's shops today!


Turtle said...

i do believe i got some of theit yarn and yea, wonderful...and what a company name! Ahhh.

PhatLady said...

You needed to get some Turtle love!

KT said...

I'm using my sample to design a bracelet pattern for the March box!

PhatLady said...

I've heard about this bracelet-- it sounds beautiful ;)

Eryn said...

Wow - thanks for the fabulous write-up! I'm a little verklempt. :P