Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kangaroo Dyer *peek into Feb*

Some of you received some luscious hand painted yarn by Gail of Kangaroo Dyer in your January Box. I am thrilled beyond words to announce she will also be in February's Box and this time, we get to sample her delicious super soft merino roving in bold, beautiful colors! This stuff is like buttah! I have not yet had a chance to make a purchase from Gail's shop, just because every time I visit, I am so enamored of absolutely everything, I can never narrow it down to a reasonable purchase. I must have it all. So, when I hit the lottery- the first thing I'll do is clear her entire shop out.
Gail's skeins are gigantic- most being over 400 yds! Couple that with the magnificent colorways she offers and you have the perfect storm to run your bank account right into the ground. If you're like me though, that would be just fine- the one who dies with the biggest stash wins, right?
I only have room to scratch the surface of this wonderful shop here in this blog so everyone, please visit her store and read her neat profile here.
As you can see from the photos, the Kangaroo Dyer samples are very generous! I can't wait to see what beautiful handspuns you all will be making from Gail's February contribution!
Kangaroo Dyer, we're not worthy! Please keep contributing to the Phat Fiber Sampler.


sunnie fairy said...

Aw, man! I didn't get any! after seeing her shop though, I HAVE to get some!

Turtle said...

missed it too! It looks yummy!