Monday, January 19, 2009

Avalon Fiber Arts Designer Lynne Wardrop

What Will you be knitting when Obama is sworn in?I hope it is something, fun, useful, and of course beautiful! Why not go download a sock pattern from Avalon Fiber Arts designer Lynne Wardrop! Lynne generously submitted several full color patterns (complete with charts!) for the first few months of Phat Fiber boxes! The ones we included for January are a toe-up, worsted weight sock using the ever popular Lorna's Laces yarn.
I am completely sold on toe up socks! Who doesn't like the ability to try stuff on while you're knitting it?! I am really really itching to make some of these! I have never tried a sock in worsted weight before... they must go faster than sock weight- right? And warmer too! I know those of you who have received Lynne's sock pattern in their box will be squee-ing with joy, but if you did not- feel free to instantly download them from Ravelry and Patternfish.
Somebody knit me a pair, I'll love you forever if you do... promise!
Okay, if you don't knit them for me, be sure and post pics of your finished projects on the phatforum here: or on our group in Ravelry! We wanna see!
Please thank Lynne Wardrop for creating these lovelies for us to enjoy and for contributing a generous full-sized pattern for the box!


Claire said...

All these delights leave me speechless! I can't wait to get my box and see what's in it! Wheeeee!

Minou14 said...

Worsted socks are great! I'm knitting a pair with Malabrigo Worsted right now and each one only takes a few hours (and me new to socks). I'll keep my fingers crossed that the pattern is in my box. Otherwise, I'll go look for it since worsted sock patterns are much harder to come by.

Soap Mogul said...

You're killing me! I hadn't even thought of Malabrigo! Oooh now this is too tempting!