Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PFI (Phat Fiber Int'l) Blooming Felt (UK)

I hope you (the folks that read this) are the type of people that shop at the quirkly little stores with the cheery attendants. I know I buy from people who enjoy what they do. I can feel the positive vibes emanating from the items I purchase long after I take them into my home. This should probably be the number one reason to buy handmade.
Blooming Felt is one of those little shops that makes it easy to spend time in. Sarah has taken great care to make sure her cheery little store reflects how happy her felt addiction has made her! I just adore the felted bag she has on her flickr! See what beautiful things you can make with Blooming Felt's array of crafty supplies?! If you are in the market for colorful buttons (they look like candies!), this shop needs to be in your top 5 list! It really has been a respite for me, here in the midwest as we're covered in gray ice the past couple of days!
Sarah sent in little baggies full of adorable felted balls for the January box- I am so curious to see what you clever people make from them! I have been picturing cute little bracelets, but I'm not as imaginative as most of you.
Treat yourself to a little package of jocundity from across the pond, and shop Blooming Felt!


Turtle said...

i have been trying to think of something good but am still pondering! luv them though.

Blooming Felt said...

Hey Jesse

Thanks so much for featuring my little felt balls ! Thanks also for your lovely kind words about my shop - I love to hear that it makes people happy !! I have to smile myself when I look at all the jars of gorgeous buttons and felt balls I have lined up on the shelves. I LOVE my job !!!

Sarah x

Claire said...

Me me me! I got some of these in my box! They're fab! I love the ones with the beads on them. I have been considering adding them as ornamentation on a beret type hat, or maybe using them in a fantasy felted landscape.