Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hedgehog Fibres

Hedgehog Fibres sent in a lot of sexy yarn for January's Box! How can yarn be sexy? Just look at the photos Beata let me use! Silky, glossy, slinky, smooth, and the perfect colors! You all know, that knitting and crocheting is sexy anyway- the same way a guy mowing the lawn, or splitting firewood is. It's the knowing you can provide comfort for your partner-that's a turn on. Pair the time spent lovingly crafting a hand-stitched article with the tactile and visual pleasure of Hedgehog Fibres yarn and you've got something that may start something!

Beata, of Hedgehog Fibres lives in Cork, Ireland (but originally from Slovakia!) and hosts an absolutely amazing blog. It is bilingual, and chock full of gorgeous photos and WIPs. Her Laminaria Shawl was jaw-droppingly beautiful! I can't even believe the sheer volume of the stunning hand knits she pumps out! *jealous*

Back to the samples she sent in though... You will not believe the amazing CAMEL handspun she included! They are deliciously squishy treats for sure! She has a really neat- arabesque theme going on too with the thought evoking titles she gives her yarn. "Prophet" "Sunbaked" "Oracle" and "Sin" make me imagine a Persian princess sitting on silken pillows with nothing to do but knit with luxurious yarn all day.

Trust me here. Whether you buy a skein of hand painted silk, some luxe camel handspun, or a fluffy sparkling batt from Beata at Hedgehog Fibres, you will feel like royalty and have good luck for the next seven years. Okay, maybe we can't guarantee the good luck part, but the royalty bit is a sure thing.


Mary Beth said...

Is the yarn made from Hedgehog fur? No really, it's very beautiful and I can see me working up a soft creative project with it. I love to crochet toe-up socks and I saw sock yarn in that basket!

danidocrafty said...

Oh my goodness that is sexy yarn.

Turtle said...

very....yup, sexy seems to say it all!

Roo said...

I must admit that when I first saw the hedgehog graphic in the phat fiber site I went there and spent some time looking and gaping.

The sunbaked yarn is just beautiful! It was one of the ones that stood out the most to me when you did the phat fiber video.