Monday, January 26, 2009

Silver Sun Alpacas (and sneak peek into February's box)

Tonight, I sit curled up on my couch, listening to a subtle din of ice hitting the roof, the road, and unfortunately, the power lines. After braving the madness of the grocery store for last-minute necessities (hot cocoa, a loaf of french bread, and old movies)I actually mustered cleaning the kid's room, finishing dishes, laundry and made a creamy potato soup for dinner. I feel a bit like royalty as I sit here in my now tidy home, the silver glow of my laptop screen reflecting off of my (new yay!)glasses, and the sterling sound of ice glazing and encasing every surface outside.
Which brings me to the subject of this post- the gorgeous carded batt of "Ice Queen" Silver Sun Alpacas sent in to the January box.
This sample was so puffy, soft, and generous it was all I could do, not to keep some for myself! I know some of you are already experimenting and spinning this luxurious fiber, and I'm sure most (if not all) of you who've had a sampling of this, will surely head back to the store for more.
Speaking of their store, it is gorgeous. The array Ricky offers up is absolutely amazing and trust me, you WILL find something you need there. I ache to purchase one of the several fiber clubs she has listed! How perfect would this day have been if waiting for me in the mail box, was a bundle of puffy alpaca fiber to play with on my forthcoming snow days! Ricky is currently taking wholesale bids (I hope to distribute some of this fluffy goodness soon) for those of you wishing to purchase by the pound!
Speaking of pound, have you seen the Mega Bombshell 1lb of spinning fiber she offers?! It says it's for the "Fiber Zealous"- which is what I will be legally changing my middle name to once I can shovel out of here.
Okay, the news you really wanted to hear: Silver Sun Alpacas has sent in more gorgeous batts for February! !
I'm pausing so you can make the obligatory YES! hand gesture. No piccy's but think Their lovely "Ice Queen" Batt only- "Wine".


missfire said...

We LOOVE Silversun Alpacas. I got my learn to spin kit there and loved it so much that I got one for my 7 year old. And Ricky was awesome and sent Sam a different colored spindle and customized his batt. He LOVES it! Ooh, I can't wait for Feb's box!

Holly said...

Sounds great! Just wanted to let you know that I like the new look on the blog!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I love Silversun Alpacas too - I'm new to spinning, but loved what I found on her site. I love the changes you made to the blog - especially the header :)

Turtle said...


Infinitespirals said...

I really enjoyed spinning up my Silver Sun Alpaca sample!

CinderLisa said...

That Alpaca is gooorgeous!