Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fire Lizard Studio

Who was lucky enough to get a generous mini-hank of the Fire Lizard Studio yarn? I've got a purple passion for this little store!
I'm so in love with the all the opulent, deep, colors in the shop! The Lizard sock yarn comes in huge 100g hanks- enough for a generous pair of socks- and colors you could wear anyplace! Read the shop profile:
"I started Fire Lizard Studios because I got tired of living a plain vanilla life. My day job is doing research in computer science--I sit in a beige box and type all day. Although I am lucky enough to have a window, it's still a drab existence until you add some yarn! Working with yarn has been a growing passion of mine for a long time. I love to crochet, knit, spin, and dye, and I love putting yarns together in fun and interesting ways. When I work with yarn, I feel alive. For a long time I was afraid to direct that energy into a business, for fear that when it became a job, it would become a drag. But I finally decided to follow my passion and take the plunge. So far, I love every minute of it! I truly believe this is what I was born to do."
I believe she was born to do this too! Discard your plain vanilla lifestyle and envelop yourself in the deep colors and cashmere-like softness of this yarn!
Fire Lizard, we love your stuff! Please please contribute to the box again!


Cara said...

I certainly will send more for the February box! Thanks for the fabulous write-up! I can't tell you how much I enjoy hearing that people love my yarn.

Turtle said...

pretty pretty, nope, i missed out!