Friday, January 23, 2009

PFI Phat Fiber International Wooliesje!

All the way from the Netherlands! The awesome Serajah sent in several mini batts and crocheted flower embellishments! I'd love for everyone to post what they make with them!
I really enjoyed how bright and colorful her wool was! Almost neon! When I opened her box and saw all the crocheted flowers, I just couldn't stop thinking about how much time Serajah must have spent making them. Thank you so much! I think they are cute.
If you want to see some other really cute items, check out Wooliesje's felted flowers in her shop! They look like they fell out of a book of fairy tales! Notice in the second picture how absolutely gigantic they are. Imagine wearing a little black (0r white) dress with a giant felted flower pinned on the front. Chic! That is one way to wear a wool creation during the summer! Her prices are so reasonable too, so feel free to enjoy some handcrafted love from Zwaag!
Serajah, please consider contributing to future boxes- we all enjoyed your wintery mix samples!


Turtle said...

they are beautiful! Now, time to stalk that mailcarrier!

CJ said...

I loved mine! The perfect blue! I've tried making flowers like that and mine look like blobs! Those are beautiful.

laila aka rawfish said...

serajah is a wonderful person to interact with also! she is simply too sweet. i have one of her ginormous felty flowers in purple- i'm rocking it on my faux-leather white purse. it totally stands out and let's people know from a distance that i'm definitely a fiber artist. :) i recommend getting anything from wolliesjes! :D

p.s. in the title her shop name is spelled wrong- just wanted to let you know.