Sunday, January 18, 2009


Infinity sent in several very very generous sample hanks of handpainted yarn, handspun, beaded stitch markers, and some dyed and braided tops. All of the samples were so generous, soft, and pretty- it was really hard to part with them! Take a look at her shop! I am very intrigued at the camel and silk bulky handspun- it looks so lofty and warm!For all you fellow contributors to the box.. look at the very pretty woven sachets! Wouldn't those look lovely in your stash pile?Don't you love the overall wintery feel of this shop? Makes me want to go grab a cuppa tea and knit something- actually it looks so soft, it's crochet comfy!I think you will all be thrilled when you recieve your Infinity samples! If you weren't lucky enough to get a box this month, maybe we can convince Infinity to contribute to February's!

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