Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bhak Tea

So, who of you are enjoying a sampling of Bhak Tea deliciousness?
When I came upon their shop on Etsy, I was immediately pleased to see such in-depth write ups about their products. Their site is so educational!
I consider myself an avid tea drinker and I learned several things just by stopping by!
Sadly, I did not save a tea sample for myself (oh the things I go through for you people) so I would love for those of you who have tried it to weigh in here about it. I will probably be purchasing their "Vanilla Sunrise" Tea soon- it sounds delicious and I would love to replace my morning coffee with some Yerba Mate!
Here is what they explain "Bhak Tea" means:
"Bhakti" is the Sanskrit word for loving the Divine. We try to live our lives according to this principle, and strive to see and love the Divine in everything and everyone.
You already know how I feel about purchasing goods from people who love what they do. Sounds like some of you will be brewing a cuppa love!
If you missed out like me, visit Bhak Tea and stock up! Psst! They offer tea ware too!


Turtle said...

i am loving the tea samples!!! tea is always good, all the girls at work are always raiding my tea stash!

Brittany said...

They look divine!