Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whorled Peace

I, like many of you, feel today- no dream is too big to achieve, or obstacle too steep to overcome.I chose to feature the samples sent in by Kellie of "Whorled Peace", as that is what I hope today's events usher in. Pretty lofty goal, I know, but I'm a believer through and through. Whorled Peace is based in Lancaster Pennsylvania and can be found locally there. This is someplace I think I must visit someday soon- so many cool people I know come from Lancaster! I thought the samples Kellie sent in were adorable. She bundled 3 different samplings of sock yarn wrapped in simple, but chic brown cigar type labels. As you can tell from my photos of her samples and by visiting her shop, she offers an incredible myriad of fiber offerings. Rovings, handspun and hand painted yarns abound! There are even a sprinkling of hand-knits and patterns in there! I am eyeing her "Dandelion" colored hand painted Merino fiber.. I"m not normally attracted to yellow, but that is just yummy looking! Time to start dreaming of all of delicious handspun you could make with that! Many thanks to Whorled Peace for the adorable samples- I know you will all have such fun playing with them! I'm eagerly anticipating what Kellie will cook up for February's box!


Claire said...

Armed with dandelion wool, I feel ready to achieve anything today! Hooray! Can't wait for my box to arrive!

Turtle said...

not only pretty but i love their name!

DLG (Daddy's Little Girl) said...

Beautiful color combos!